When Kanye West had stated back in 2015 that he intended to run for the President of the United States in 2020, everyone laughed it off as a joke.

There were tons of memes and joke posts being made and everyone for the most part just dismissed West’s comments as just another attention-seeking statement from him.

West, an American rapper, record producer and fashion designer is quite infamous for his controversial statements. He has never been known to be politically correct and instead says whatever is on his mind.

But many people were a little taken aback when a few weeks ago the news of Kanye West having officially given his name for the US presidential candidacy came out.

Along with this, there were rumours of him having already dropped out or not being serious about running for president. However, those were unfounded, since, on 19th July 2020, West held his first campaign rally with him officially running for president.

And it was perhaps one of the most bizarre and strange rally ever seen. Here are some interesting moments from it:

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There are also many speculations arising on how West is not really running for president and this all is just a publicity stunt to promote his new album and sell more of his merchandise.

In light of that and the unprofessional way this all has been handled, one has to wonder whether politics are becoming a joke nowadays with rich and powerful people just deciding on running for one of the most powerful and important job in a country… because they are well… bored?

And they don’t really want or feel the need to take up the position to better the lives of people and make their country a better place.

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Sources: Hollywood Reporter, Reuters India, Forbes 

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