Pictures are one of the supreme mediums of taking us back to history. Memories, however bleak, get rejuvenated as soon as our eyes look at a picture with which they are associated.

Time is said to be fluid. And rightly so. As soon as we see a picture, every single memory treasured by the picture gets reminisced so vividly, that the moment feels to have just passed by. 

When it comes to historic moments, they are best captured in frames. Human memory is hazy, and span is limited. But photographs bring us right back to where it all started. Now unless we have the anywhere-door at our disposal, we will have to use our imagination to travel back to those beautiful times when India’s historic moments were being created.

Without further ado, I bring to you some of the rare unseen pictures from Indian history. 

1. Sanjeev Kumar and his brides

2. Indira Gandhi with Folk dancers from Rajasthan, at her home in Delhi, 1967

3. Mahabharata Weapons User Manual Found

4. (Colorized) Indira Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the Moscow subway USSR, 1955

5. Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru with his grandsons Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi – 1950

6. Waterfall below Mussoorie Church – 1860s

7. The beauty of Imperial India

8. Mahatma Gandhi in a cell

9. Three musketeers

10. Exhibition of the first photographs ever taken in India, 1854

11. Muslim wedding, Lahore, Pakistan, 1942

12. Meena Kumari & Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

13. Mukesh Ambani & Nita Ambani Wedding

14. Mahatma Gandhi, 1914

15. Dancing or nautch girls that began performing at courts, 1830

16. Old Delhi, before the siege of 1857

17. Big B with his Father, Mother, Brother, and Wife

18. Death Certificate of Bhagat Singh

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19. Martand Sun Temple – Kashmir, 1900

19. The first batch of women to graduate from The Indian Women’s University, 1921

20. Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda

21. Ex-President APJ Abdul Kalam

22. Rabindranath Tagore with wife Mrinalini Debi and elder daughter Bela

23. Surrender of Phoolan Devi, 1983

24. Mohammed Ali Jinnah in New Delhi, May 1946

25. Mohammed Rafi Saab during Haj at Mina, 1973

26. Tagore and Victoria Ocampo, 1930

27. The Most Ironic Gandhi Family Photo Ever

28. Aishwarya Rai With Sonia Gandhi

29. Kapoor prodigy

30. Salman and Bhagyashree on sets of MPK

31. Shashikala and Shammi Kapoor, the original Titanic couple, 1955

32. SRK and friends

33. Subhash Chandra Bose’s Death Mystery

34. Kamal Haasan

35. Azra and Dev Anand in Mahal, 1969

36. The unseen Royal beauty Gayatri Devi; a wife, mother, and fashion

37. Baba over the years

What a major throwback! I’m sure you must’ve been submerged in nostalgia like us. Let us know in the comment section below which picture took you on a trip to the past.

Image Source: Google Images, Pinterest

Sources: Various historic websites

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