For a long time, animal lovers have been talking about how wrong it is for Indian people to be getting foreign breeds like Huskies, German Shepherd, St. Bernard and more.

The fact that many of these dogs are not suitable for the Indian climate and either have to be kept closely shaved or in a heavily air-conditioned environment are only some of the arguments presented for this case.

Everyone knows that the only reason many people are getting such exotic looking dogs is because of the social stature they enjoy and to flaunt aesthetic photos of these dogs on Instagram.

They seldom care about the harm they are doing to these breeds by putting them in a climate they are not suited for.

In doing so, not only are people being uncaring towards the above-mentioned breeds but also being woefully ignorant of our own native Indian breeds that are as good as any of the foreign ones.

Here are some of them that is high time, we start paying attention to and possibly start to adopt instead of random foreign breeds just because they look good.

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It would be good to give some love to our own native Indian dog breeds and hold them as proudly as some people think about foreign dog breeds.

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Sources: Times Of India, The Indian Express, The Print

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