Over the years, many fashion labels and brands have tried to incorporate a more gender-neutral approach to their clothing designs. The reason for this being that designers and brands wish to counter the belief that there are specific clothes made for men and women. 

Gender neutrality in fashion, in the simplest of terms, means that the clothes will cater to anyone and everyone, and is not restricted to menswear and womenswear alone.

Fashion labels have especially attracted the younger generation through the changes in their approach to designing clothes. 

In the words of Miuccia Prada, What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”

No doubt, the way one presents themself in the world is a true expression of their inner self and thus, having gender-neutral fashion labels allows people to express themselves authentically in gender non-conforming ways. 

Streetwear is one such domain that has over the years been challenging the existence of binary gender roles in fashion and has led to the creation of a more inclusive community. Designers have increasingly stepped out of the box, created clothes that have broken barriers and have questioned the gender construct in the industry. 

In India as well, many new-age fashion labels have emerged that have aimed to create a more safe and inclusive space for people of all gender identities and expressions. Although progress has been made, India has a long way to go in terms of becoming truly accepting of those who do not conform to the gender construct. 

But, here’s a look at some fashion labels that have been making headway in the industry and have spread the importance of gender-neutrality in fashion.

1. Jaywalking

2. Bobo Calcutta

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3. Anaam

4. Nor Black Nor White 

5. Bloni 

6. Huemn

7. Two Point Two Studio

As Indian fashion labels turn heads and break barriers with their gender-neutral fashion statements, it is important for us to understand the importance of embracing those who wish to dress in gender non-conforming ways.

As a society, we ought to move away from outdated beliefs and be more accepting of the change. 

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Sources:  Vogue, Medium, The Atlantic

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