The three contentious Farm Bills or the Indian Agriculture Acts of 2020 were passed in Parliament in September 2020. Though farmers began criticizing the laws when the government started conversing about it in early 2020, the farmer’s agitation began in full swing from November 26, 2020, after the bills were pushed in Parliament.

Fortunately, a beam of joy came when the Central government decided to annul the three contentious farm laws on November 19th, 2020. The Singhu border, where farmers were protesting, witnessed happiness after almost a year and farmers were seen celebrating the withdrawal of bills. 

All around the country farmers celebrated their victory. Let’s take a look at how they celebrated the repeal of farm laws through these pictures.

A women farmer expressed her happiness by dancing along with her child at Mansa, Punjab
Farmers celebrating at Ghazipur border by sharing jalebis (Indian sweets) with each other
Farmers seen cheerfully dancing at Singhu border after Modi announced the repeal of farm laws
A child can be seen lighting candles at Singhu border on the eve of November 19th
To mark the repeal of farm laws, farmers at Ghazipur border perform havan

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Happiness is clearly visible on these farmers’ faces as they celebrate revoke of farm laws while sitting on tractor
Farmers can be seen distributing sweets to the travellers on road at Matka Chowk, Chandigarh
Farmers celebrate at Ghazipur border by bursting crackers

Though the farmers are celebrating the withdrawal of farm bills, they will continue to protest at the Singhu border until the Central government repeals these laws in the Parliament in the upcoming winter session. 

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Sources: Times Of India, The Hindu, The Indian Express

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