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The moment lights go green, cars from over 50 metres away start honking. Welcome to India, where you have to have Budhha level patience to drive a car! 

Finally Got Learner’s

In order to begin learning, I had to go through to the driving school in my locality. They charged around ₹4500 right off the bat for all services and paperwork. 

Finally, after registration for the learner’s license test, the exam date arrived. There were 10 MCQs and none of them gauged my potential to drive! Apparently, 10 MCQs ensure your shot at driving in India, but is it truly the case? 

Shot At The Night

The first challenge for a newly learnt driver like me is to convince my parents that I can drive now. So, mom and dad, if you’re looking at this, I’m taking the Santro out for a spin (Spoiler alert: They said no). 

My parents do not let me drive…yet

Besides that, the sheer stupidity of people on the road is something I’m in awe of. There was this one incident, where a lady was standing on the side all the while I had a signal. As soon as I got the green light, she started crossing the road.

To make matters worse, she stood right in front of my car, utterly confused as to what she wanted out of life. Imagine having an existential crisis on the MIDDLE of the road while CROSSING. Hell, she wanted to die, maybe? Maybe she saw me as her conduit to the afterlife? After all, my car had a huge L on it, so maybe she was ready to take the L.

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There was this other incident, this man straight up had his indicator on for the left turn and he was on the right side of the road. My man blocked the entire way for others to take a huge left turn, only to take a U-turn and go in the opposite direction. So, basically, he took right, but with a few extra steps. 

We Live In A Society

Inexperienced drivers stall the car, experienced ones stall others. On a stretch of road with a speed limit being 40kmph, this dude comes out of nowhere on a bike, breezes past through at almost double the speed, has no helmet and of course, with the license plate starting “BR”. Others ridiculed him, I thought that it is what it is and kept on driving. 

This was all that was remaining…

Last but not least, the petrol and diesel prices are soaring through the roof. Driving becomes a hassle just because of the fact that every time I start a car, it burns a hole in my pocket as a student. So, please reduce the prices of petrol and diesel so that I can drive my car.

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