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It’s a regular Sunday morning and I can’t help but stress about my ongoing end semester examinations and this is not just the case with me.

I have observed this in a lot of people of my age and it’s about time I voice my observation.

We millennials need to stop pressurising ourselves so much. There, I said it.

It’s unhealthy and it is sucking the happiness out of our lives. Gone are the days when parents used to pressurise kids and make them worry about their future unnecessarily.

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These days we do it to ourselves. We constantly want to outdo each other and unhealthily run after goals.

We have started equating our happiness with benchmarks that we achieve either academically or work wise.

To an extent that the process of reaching the benchmark itself is stressful and anxiety-induced.

We have become a generation of unhappy workaholics and I can’t help but think about the dangers of this.

Social media is just adding to the phenomenon. It is constantly pitting us against each other and making us compare our lives with people who have achieved much more at the same age.

All this is further leading to much more severe mental health conditions.

So, here am I asking all the millennials out there to chill out a little. Sure getting your dream job will feel good but if you’re not happy on your way up, is it really worth it?

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Chill out a little, take breaks, rejuvenate and then hustle again.

Treat yourself well and you’ll definitely achieve whatever you want in life.

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