If cricket is the national obsession of India, and Pani-puri is the favorite street treat that no one can resist, then Engineering is the addiction of every parent in India when it comes to their child’s future. 

It’s not just a four (or occasionally five) year degree where students want or are forced to pursue this professional course and suck in life. Students that desire to pursue Engineering as their Bachelor’s degree are often said to be the bravest people on the planet.

A student graduates from college with infinite experiences, uncountable mishaps, and wonderful relationships, collecting all their memories in their backpack and going home.

So here are a few instances and facts that only engineers can understand. Pardon me if you are not an engineer, but you can still enjoy reading!

1. The Endless Lectures

Regardless of when the class is held, whether the student is a frontbencher or a backbencher, whether it is a theoretical lecture or lab course, the knowledge before and after the class remains constant.

These never-ending lectures that seem to go on forever are just for the sake of happening because they seldom seep into our heads. 

2. Last-minute Studying 

Nobody has mastered the art of last-minute studying like engineers. A strange feeling of terror pervades the hostel’s corridors and rooms. The nights grow quieter than usual. 

However, there comes a time when the underprepared students stop dreading examinations, even though exams are all they can think about. That’s because, technically, they are relieved watching others who are equally messed up like them. 

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3. Roller Coaster Grades

No matter how well you plan your semester to get a good GPA, you will encounter numerous bouncers like unexpected examinations, unending homework, group projects that will result in a not-so-impressive final GPA score.

4. The Rich Hostel Life And Food

College Hostels are an entirely different world. From fighting for ‘who goes to the bathroom first’ to ending up not bathing, the hostellers have totally different stuff going on in their lives. 

Everything is special and unforgettable for them from midnight birthday parties to pani-waala dances in hallways, discreetly sneaking out of the hostel and heading to clubs. And by all odds, the symbiotic relationship between the engineers and chai-sutta remains eternal. 

5. 50 Shades Of Placements: 

It is a busy time for Engineering schools since employers are looking for qualified candidates. However, it is a sentiment for engineering students.

Out of everything which includes building a CV, and some inevitably failing in it, we see our friends in their most dignified form for the very first time in their 4-year journey. 

With thick coats on their shoulders, a clean-shaven face, and hair perfectly cut, the placement season is defined by humble attempts to cover up the splashes of one or more backs with a thick layer of abilities. This is also the period when every moment, good and terrible, flashes before your eyes in a blur.

What’s the story of your college? Let us know in the comments below.

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