If you want to see America’s weird fashion on display, the Met Gala fashion parade is the place you tune into. Every year, a whole bunch of weird outfits is thrown at people but this time no one expected to see what they saw. 

I am not sure what Kim Kardashian thought while planning her look for the 2021 Met Gala, but she has already given the world some outrageous outfits. In the past years, this America’s most popular reality TV star and recently turned billionaire has been seen walking red carpets in latex bodysuits or breaking the internet in barely a stitch of clothing.

Kim surely knows how to keep all eyes on her. There is surely no “safe fashion” for her. But this year’s outfit was a little too much. 

She was covered from top to bottom in a black Balenciaga bodysuit or sweatsuit. And when I say top to bottom, I mean literally. Not a millimeter of skin was visible, she was covered to such an extent it made her unidentifiable. She wore a black balaclava that didn’t even reveal an inch of her face. 

Kim Kardashian

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Netizens from Pakistan and worldwide believe the Taliban has heavily inspired the outfits of several celebrities attending the Met Gala on Twitter. Several users linked Kim Kardashian’s outfit to the recent pictures of Afghan women covered in hijabs. 

A burqa is another black clothing that covers its wearer completely. Never thought that it would make its appearance on the red carpet, making a fashion statement. In recent times, the burqa has become a symbol of extremism, and Muslim women wearing this are considered oppressed.

Keeping all this in mind, people thought Kim’s outfit was bizarre and distasteful. They thought it would be written off as a “miss” by mainstream publications and not end up on the “best dressed” list. 

But I guess the Kardashians can make anything look cool. Social media, though, wasn’t so kind. Memes began to flood in. Her costume was compared to Dementors from Harry Potter. Others saw its resemblance with the burqa. 

Twitter at its best.

Users tweeted that Kardashian was paying “tribute to the Taliban” another replied, “haute couture burka!” keeping her attire in mind. “I’m sorry but Kim’s Met Gala look is giving me pro-Taliban women energy,” a tweet read. A user even went on to say that this was not Kim, “Kim’s at home in her pajamas eating pizza.” said the tweet. 

The theme of Met Gala 2021 was American independence. Kim’s outfit was nowhere near “American” or “independence”. With the current situation in Afghanistan, where women are being oppressed at the hands of the Taliban, it was a terribly timed costume. 

And pretty bold of me to be sitting with my hair in a bun and shorts judging Met Gala looks! 

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Sources: News 18, India Today, Cosmopolitan, +More

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