The beauty standards of modelling have not always been welcoming. The typical idea of beauty is Eurocentric; tall, white-skinned and thin, but recently there has been a huge change in the mainstream idea of modelling.

Nowadays, unconventional sides of people are more embraced and brought forward into the limelight. From transgenders to plus-size models, a positive revolution has been received and acknowledged by designers, photographers, models, etc.

Here is a list of models who have progressed beyond the strict rules of beauty and became successful.


The designer of Shades Of India, Mandeep Negi, found a diamond in rough by scouting a simple yet stunning maid of his building, named Kamla. Offering her to model for his line of collection, Mandeep launched her and helped her debut.

A mother of two and just a 28-year-old domestic help, Kamla was hesitant and taken aback, a natural response for sure, but overcoming her doubts she went through her shoot and now her pictures and transition are a piece of inspiration for everyone.

Shantanu Gosavi

A textile design graduate from NIFT, Gandhinagar, Shantanu has challenged the stereotypical superiority of fair skin, by simply accepting his natural skin. For some people, Vitiligo (patched complexion of the skin due to loss of colour) might be an abnormality, but for him, it is his biggest power.

Shantanu works as a freelance model, photographer and designer. In his pictures, he boldly flaunts his skin by decorating it with delicate florals and sometimes by posing with pastel flowers, creating a perfect recipe for aesthetic pictures.

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Alex Matthew

Also known as ‘Maya the Drag Queen’ is a famous artist who has found his calling in dressing up as a woman and performing on stage. His parents were against the idea and didn’t support him. In order to pursue his dreams of modelling, he left his home.

He got his first opportunity with JioLive Independence Day event, where he and a few other female models were given a chance to walk down the ramp in the spirits of celebrating the element of individuality.

Durga Gawde

Last year for Lakme Fashion Week, the theme of the event was #GenderBender, which centred not only around gender-fluid fashion but also embraced models from all across the gender spectrum.

Born in a family of artists, Durga, who identifies as a non-binary, gender fluid person was chosen as a model for the event. Sporting androgynous designs for the label BOBO Calcutta by Ayushman Mitra, the model shattered the orthodox gender-specific statute of fashion.

Anjali Lama

Summer/Resort Lakme Fashion Week 2017 was the turning point in the life of Anjali Lama, the first transgender to walk the ramp for a Lakme fashion event. She was always complimented for her height and cheekbone structure, which motivated her to reach out to Blue Diamond society.

There she got her sex reassignment surgery and after few rejections, she found her first break and since then, she has earned a name for herself as one of the finest models.

A few decades back, these models would have not been able to achieve their dreams, but the constant change in the mindset of the fashion industries have made these talented and extremely beautiful in their own unique ways people reach their deserved spots in the limelight.

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