By Darshna Kumar

Fashion might be an insignificant part of some people’s life. However, it is a powerful tool for self expression. The ones who consider fashion as futile also end up expressing themselves and their feeling through their clothing.

Their outlook might also express that there is more to them than just appearance or it might portray that they have a deeper image of self which they are not willing to put in front of the society.

Fashion is the first social contact that people have with each other.

Here, people can choose to tell the other person much about them through fashion or let them wonder in mystery.

Nevertheless, it is a tool which allows one to sculpt their own identity.

A woman in this society is allowed to express herself by wearing masculine clothes. This kind of outfit is mostly not criticized or mocked as it shapes a strong and hardcore identity, a masculine identity.

Anything masculine is appreciated in this society. She can choose to be soft and wear feminine clothes, also. This kind of outfit is never condemned as this is her true nature. Being soft is her true nature.

Whereas, a man can only wear masculine clothes and anything, mind you, anything other than that is below his natural self. He will be criticized and mocked for wearing feminine clothes.

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Defying rules for good

Billy Porter, an American performer, stepped onto the red carpet of 91st Academy Awards, defying gender norms, in a phenomenal gown.

He chose a sharply tailored tuxedo jacket to go over a skirted gown for the Awards to express his gay identity and rebelled against the strict dress code of Hollywood.

He challenged both masculinity and femininity because gender is what you choose to be and Hollywood or anyone else cannot tell you what your gender and dress is going to be according to your biological sex. 

Ranveer Singh from our Bollywood industry has become a victim of social media memes and trolls for choosing extreme fashion styles but he did not let this stop him.

He slays in a skirt like no one else. He is the first actor in Bollywood to go for androgyny style with full confidence and unstoppable energy.

What Billy Porter demands here is not agreement from the public but respect for all identities and for different and non-mainstream choices.

Hollywood and Bollywood, both have been trend setter for the public. We expect that in this area, also, they will manage to do the same.

Let’s not lose hope because of some memes on social media and look forward to seeing more gender fluid dressing.

Sources: Ranveer Singh’s Instagram , Vogue

Image Credits: Google Images

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