At times, we ponder our existence. Who are we and what is the purpose of our life? But hardly have we got an answer. Sometimes, we are so cheerful and the next moment we become despondent. And, we know this is the truth of our life. So we abandon our inquisitiveness and accept life as it is.

Nevertheless, there was a person who brought to light the purpose of his life, came across the actual truth of life, who knew why he existed and who he was.

He was a philosopher, mendicant, meditator, spiritual leader who lived in ancient India and the founder of the world religion of Buddhism, he was Gautam Buddha.

Here are a few teachings of the Buddha that might change your perspective towards life and make you a better person because these made me too.

1. No one will do it for us. We need to prioritize ourselves only for ourselves.

2. Egotism, greed, hatred, self-seeking, all take us to self-destruction.

3. Anger is the biggest foe to our happiness.

4. We can climb the ladder of success only by defeating ourselves and not others.

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5. Be the reason for someone’s happiness, be someone’s candle.

6. One who always seeks for more, never obtain peace of mind.

7. Love is the cure for every malady.

8. Our thoughts describe our character and purity in our thoughts is the estimate of our happiness.

Buddha taught us the meaning of life, patience, wisdom, kindness, generosity, kindness, compassion, and most importantly what karma is.

He told us the meaning of true beauty and the way to achieve peace of mind. People adopt Buddhism to avoid “dukkha” (sufferings) and attain “nirvana” (the state of peace and happiness achieved after giving up personal desires). Buddhism is still inspiring millions of people today and will continue to inspire in the coming centuries.

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