Known to be one of the most religious shrines of India, Bihar is a cultural amalgamation of various pilgrimages and cuisines. Not only is it famous for the sacred Mahabodhi Temple of Buddha but also for the flavor festival of Litti Chokha in your mouth.

Although Bihari cuisine is mostly seasonal, traditional desserts and sweets tend to be a year-long constant. They are a concoction of three sub-regional cuisines: Maithili, Magahi, and Bhojpuri, and find their influence from the Eastern and Northern parts of India.

Hence, let’s take a look at the plethora of Bihari delicacies that we can indulge in.



Parwal Ki Mithai


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Hence, if you ever find yourself in Bihar, channel your inner sweet tooth and let them have the time of their lives with these sugary treats!

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