The Shraddha Walkar murder case just keeps getting more and more entangled with the police finding it difficult to put Aaftab Poonawala behind bars in a proper way. Even with 23 days having passed since Aaftab’s arrest, the police are yet to find answers to certain questions that are needed to properly imprison the accused or fully convict him of the crime.

Now, in reported news, the main accused in the case has been making alarming statements while he is being kept in Tihar Jail after having undergone the narco analysis and polygraph lie detector tests just recently. Apparently, the accused has said that he was very angry with Shraddha for going on a supposed date with another man she had met on 17th May.

Furthermore, he even challenged the Delhi Police about finding the whole body of the victim, along with the murder weapon.

What Did Aaftab Say To The Police?

According to an Amar Ujala report, a senior police officer from Mehrauli Police anonymously stated that Aftab had given them an open challenge, saying “Yes, I killed Shraddha Walkar. I dare you to find the pieces of her body and the murder weapon.”

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Delhi police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) has also as per reports said that Aaftab was threatened by Shraddha’s growing friendship with a man called Badri, a Mehrauli resident and feared that she would tell him about her abuse.

Speaking to Mid-Day, sources from Delhi Police have said that “They became good friends, and based on his [Badri’s] suggestions, the duo came to Delhi in the first week of May. They first stayed at a guest house and then at a hotel, and then rented a flat in Chhattarpur on May 14 with Badri’s help, just days before the murder took place.”

The accused has also apparently stated that he came up with the thought of dumping the victim’s body in the jungles of Mehrauli after spending some time at Badri’s house.

According to a TOI report “Having seen the wooded area near Badri’s house, Aaftab admitted during the narco test to conducting a recce deep in the forest to select places where he could get rid of his victim’s body parts, police sources said. He searched the internet for isolated places.”

The Delhi Police have till yet not recovered Shraddha’s head and torso and even the actual tools used to kill her.

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