Ranveer Singh is not just known for his interesting characters and good acting, but also for having a very whacky media presence. From his outfits to not really caring for gender norms with respect to fashion to his loud gestures and more, Singh is known for being a very ‘unique’ for lack of a better word, individual.

Currently, he is going viral for a photoshoot he has appeared in, while in the nude and social media literally cannot comment on it enough. Mostly the images have been memed and trolled mercilessly, with many people wanting to cover up Singh more than anything.

Ranveer’s Nude Photoshoot

The photoshoot was done for the Paper Magazine publication for the article titled “Ranveer Singh: the Last Bollywood Superstar”.

The photoshoot is inspired and almost a tribute to the iconic Burt Reynolds 1972 shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine.

Commenting on his world view post the pandemic he said “Everything’s gone to shit. I understand that this journey of life is an agonizing fucking journey. It’s agonizing to just exist. I am hyper-sensitive to everything around me, it’s just the way I am, it’s how I’m wired [he’s a Cancer]. I feel a lot more. If I’m angry, I get really fucking angry, if I’m sad I get really fucking sad, if I’m happy I get really fucking happy. It is very difficult, and I get overwhelmed on a daily basis.”

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When asked how he is so comfortable being in the nude, and the nature of the photoshoot he said “It’s so easy for me to be physically naked, but in some of my performances I’ve been damn fucking naked. You can see my fucking soul. How naked is that? That’s being actually naked. I can be naked in front of a thousand people, I don’t give a shit. It’s just that they get uncomfortable.”

Even for his fashion style, something that is commented on quite often, Singh said that “I work fucking hard. I want to wear nice shit. Eat my fucking ass, I will wear nice fucking shit. I bust my balls, I work 20-hour days. I’m not complaining — I’m only too happy and too grateful — but I go fucking hard. I will fucking buy Gucci, I will wear it from head to toe. Anybody who judges me can eat my fucking ass.”

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