The south Indian film RRR has become a phenomenon of its own, be it from the subject matter to the VFX to the cost of the most, to how it brings two of the biggest Indian actors in the same film.

People cannot stop raving about the film and loving every single second of it, however, it seems that the film did not sit well with a certain person who took to writing an article about it. Their problem with the film was how the British were portrayed and how they were overly villainized.

What Did The British Historian Write?

Last weekend Rob Tom, an author and emeritus professor in history at the University of Cambridge wrote an article titled ‘What Netflix’s RRR gets wrong about the British Raj’. It talked about how the film is not historically accurate and also commented that if the film was made by someone else it could be considered racist.

He stated that two of the British characters in the film were shown as “unusually nasty and at the same time amazingly silly.”

One line from the article reads “To portray British officials and soldiers roaming the country casually committing crimes is a sign of absolute ignorance or of deliberate dishonesty… So films like RRR do not reveal some hidden truth about the past, nor do they express genuine popular feelings. They try to stir up synthetic emotions…Netflix should be ashamed for promoting it.”

The writer went on to further add, “We (British) have played such an important role in the world over the last few centuries that we have accumulated enemies as well as friends. In many nationalist myths, we are cast in the role of villains. It’s a way that quite a few countries make up heroic stories about themselves.”

This writer sure is a jokester.

The comments did not go down, as expected, with the Indian population and even others too. They quickly called out how the British didn’t really have much of a leg to stand on here and cannot complain when the reality is portrayed.

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Madhavan Narayanan, a senior journalist formerly having worked at The Economic Times and Reuters also posted about the comments made by the British author on his Facebook writing “The British whitewash history. Telugu people turn it into avakkai pickle. Mind it!”

Suffice to say that the person should have probably thought twice before commenting how a country that was colonised and looted for 200 years was portraying its colonisers.

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