With the development of Artificial Intelligence, many impossible phenomena have become possible. For instance, human labour is being substituted by robots, the definitions of sexual pleasure have entirely changed with Artificial Intelligence. 

Recently, an Indian-origin scientist put forward an eccentric idea of extending the lives of loved ones after their death. The tweet became viral after some time, and netizens had different reactions to it.  

How To Make Our Loved Ones Live Forever?

Indian-origin computer scientist Pratik Desai, on Twitter, asked people to start recording their loved ones’ voices regularly so that they live even after their death.

He also assured the netizens that with enough transcript data, video models, and new voice synthesis, there are full chances of them getting a new lease on life, not physically but virtually. This technology can develop by the end of this year.

Desai tweeted, “Start regularly recording your parents, elders, and loved ones. With enough transcript data, new voice synthesis, and video models, there is a 100% chance that they will live with you forever after leaving your physical body. This should be, even possible, by end of the year.

Backlash Received

Netizens did not like the idea of them getting an AI substitute for their loved ones. Most of the netizens gave the example of the Black Mirror Season 2 Episode- Be Right Back, which has a similar approach towards getting an AI substitute for a deceased loved one and the consequences that arise thereafter.

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One Twitter User commented, “ Death is real, no matter what bizarre facsimile you construct to replace the deceased.” Some people also said that AI would be a constant reminder that their loved ones are no more. 

Pratik Desai, after receiving these replies, tweeted, “Saw the Black Mirror episode everyone is suggesting. I get it now. It’s a very personal issue, and I sincerely apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings.

He added, “Sometimes when you see technology making it possible in your grief process, and you think it is possible, you may go out of character and say something without thinking seriously.”

Tech Companies Working In The Area

Metaverse firm Somnium Space came up with a project called ‘Live Forever.’ This AI-based feature aims to allow individuals to talk to their loved ones virtually. CEO Artur Sychov said that people can store data while their loved ones talk, walk, or sound. This can be done until they die. This can help them to come back as online avatars. 

Similarly, another US-based tech company Deepbrain introduced a feature of ‘Re memory,’ which allows people to meet with their loved ones who they have lost in private spaces.

Artificial Intelligence is trying to replace humans. The Cyborg is becoming real and more prominent. But seeing netizens responding against the idea of substituting their loved ones makes the real world win again.

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