If you made it to Delhi University, congratulations!

If you made it into Economics Honours in Delhi University, congr…um…good luck!

Sorry to break this to you, but the next three years of your life aren’t going to be as easy as others studying at Delhi University.

Yes, college is a lot more relaxing than school. However, you cannot afford to let your guard down and chill as much as your peers pursuing other courses at Delhi University can. 

They can afford to relax and have fun for all but 15 days of each semester, you CAN NOT. As simple as that.

Having said that, note that pursuing one of the most sought-after courses in Delhi University is a privilege that not many have. Take pride in it.

Here are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind as a fresher in DU pursuing Eco Hons –

1. Stay Grounded

As I mentioned above, Eco Hons is the most sought-after course in DU, and as you must have noticed during your admissions, it is not an easy course to get into.

There is an extremely limited crowd of Economics, especially when compared to the Commerce crowd.

What this often does to Eco Hons students is that it makes them feel superior to others, and this superiority complex is counter-productive. 

A certain sense of complacency creeps into us, which isn’t something that an 18-year old should have.

2. Study MME

While it is often suggested to us that we should be regular in our studies and cannot afford laidback attitude, it is truer than ever for MME (Mathematical Methods For Economics), a subject that will probably haunt you till at least the end of 1st year.

For the uninitiated, MME is a core paper in the first year of Economics Honours. It is a combination of both Economics and Mathematics on paper, but in reality, it seems neither of it.

In the beginning, you might think you’re solving a sixth-grade Maths paper, but as and when you’ll proceed, you’ll realize this is something else.

I might be hyping the subject more than it deserves to be, but here’s my genuine appeal to anyone who is pursuing Eco Hons – please start studying MME from at least 2 months before your exams. It will certainly help you understand the subject better and score better grades.

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3. Grab Opportunities Provided By Top Colleges

Not all of us can make it to top colleges like St Stephen’s College and Shri Ram College of Commerce. However, there are numerous opportunities that these top colleges provide, which students from all over DU should try and grab by both hands.

On countless occasions, you’ll find eminent personalities like the Economic Advisor of India or someone from the Ministry of Finance who visit colleges like St Stephen’s and SRCC for a guest lecture or an interactive session.

These are opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else, and they are almost always free-of-cost for DU students. There is a lot to learn from such eminent personalities and thus, such sessions are always enriching.

4. Read Economics-Related News

Even if you don’t have an interest in Economics, it is recommended that you keep yourself updated with the latest news related to your field.

Your source of information can be through newspapers like The Economic Times or through news apps. What matters is that you are aware of basic developments that take place in the field of Economics.

You may not see its use immediately, but you will realize its importance eventually.

All of these pointers might seem trivial to you at first. However, take note that this is written from a first-hand experience and would make some sense once you apply them.

Good luck with the remaining years of Eco Hons!

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