Hyderabad based data analytics startup FSB ET offers a 100% placement guaranteed job-ready program on data science and analytics
Hyderabad: Securing the first job is essential for anyone fresh-starting a career or planning to switch to emerging industries. The first job helps to get a foothold in the industry, gather experience and improve resume. However, it is not easy for aspirants to secure a job offer right after completing a course. Hyderabad-based data science and analytics startup FSB-ET is making that possible with their job-oriented premium program on Data Science and Analytics course.
The FSB-ET course comes with an in-built Fully Developed Placement Program.
The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the economy upside down and made many traditional job roles redundant. Legacy IT industry jobs are waning. As a result, experienced IT professionals are looking for opportunities in the middle of their careers. Students of IT courses around conventional technologies like C, C++, Java, are also struggling to find placements after course completions.
On the other hand, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications are pacing up across all industries. Companies, big and small, are looking for trained data science and analytics professionals to look after their ML-oriented business infrastructure. Today, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning constitute 60% of new job opportunities. However, skilled data analytics professionals are highly short in supply despite the current demand and future growth opportunities. The sector promises endless opportunities for experienced IT sector employees and fresh graduates. FSB ET is one of the few startups in the field with a successful track record of training and skilling in industry-standard data science and analytics technologies.
“There’s been a huge gap between skills of young graduates and demand in industries; matching the skill-set has been a challenging issue. Upgrading skills according to the Industry requirement and producing a pool of ready-to-deploy certified professionals to the Industries is our main motto.” – Mr. Ravi Teja Pavan, the founder, FSB-ET. Graduates, irrespective of their domains, can join the FSB program.
The uniquely-tailored course curriculum helps to acquire data science and analytics skills applicable to various industries and fields. For instance, a mechanical engineering graduate can take the FSB ET data science course and join jobs in manufacturing industries requiring analytics techniques. “People from different industries can join and benefit from our course. It helps them learn data science tools relevant to their industries and domains.” – Mr. Arun, co-founder, FSB ET.
The Course The course includes classroom training of 6 to 8 hours every day, five days a week, with regular timings from 9 AM to 5 PM. The total course duration is over 14 weeks, with an integrated internship and campus placements. The admission process includes a short statement of purpose, followed by an Interview to assess communication and attitude skills. To maintain the quality of participants, FSB ET maintains the highest level of admission standard. The course also offers special admission to women ready to restart their careers after a gap and experienced professionals looking for a job or domain change. The new batch will start from July 1st, 2021, and initially, FSB plans to offer only two batches every year with a 100% placement guarantee to every enrolled student. The placement process would start from the mid of the 3rd month for every batch.
FSB ET has already piloted this 100% placement guaranteed program with 40 applicants. Out of these applications received, FSB ET selected eight candidates and started their pilot batch on Feb 7, 2021. All eight program participants successfully got placed after course completion with an average placement remuneration of ₹3.5 lakh. The highest placement offer was ₹ 4.2 lakh. The majority of recruitments was in companies like Ciber Global Services, EPAM Systems India.
About FSB-ET

FSB ET has already trained and skilled over 10,000 students successfully in various cutting edge and high demanding technologies like Data science Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, and web technologies. All of their courses are industry-ready. They are in consultation with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to conduct career awareness-building programs in government schools and colleges on emerging technologies with employment potentials. The institute is in collaboration with TCS and Jain University for skilling and training initiatives. Contact – 9963123661 www.fsbet.in

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