The Good Doctor showcases the struggles of an autistic doctor with Savant Syndrome. 

The Good Doctor

Dr. Shaun Murphy cannot communicate properly, but boy he can save lives on the trot. Considering the fact that he remembers with near-photographic memory and notices minute changes due to his Savant Syndrome, he has been ever efficient in saving lives. 

His life revolves around a fatherly figure, Dr. Aaron Glassman, who takes care of him and is the President of the fictional San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Lea Dilallo is a friend turned love interest for Shaun, who eventually ends up being the hospital’s IT Director.

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His professional life consists mostly of other surgical residents, Dr. Claire Brown, Dr. Alex Park, Dr. Morgan Reznick, his bosses and attending surgeons Dr. Neil Melendez, Dr. Audrey Lim and Dr. Marcus Andrews. 

Frontline (Parts 1 and 2) 

Episodes 1 and 2 of season 4 were dedicated to doctors who were on the frontlines serving the patients. The episode described the dawn of a new virus that had unpredictable symptoms. The viewers see the pandemic unfold through the eyes of a doctor.

Several time jumps were a part of the show which went from the doctors identifying the virus but not being able to treat it. The guidelines became stricter and Shaun, being autistic, was a stickler for rules. As much as he wanted to meet Lea, he did not do so because he cared about her. He lived his quarantined days with Dr. Park, and had awkward conversations about sex, which to the viewers was a much needed comic relief. 

As much as it affected interpersonal relationships in the series, the doctor-patient relationship was the primary focus here. The sheer number of deaths these doctors had to face, the battles, the wins and of course the journey, all of these together make season 4 debut a must-watch. 


Stills From The Episodes

Dr. Brown and Dr. Lim break the death news to a patient’s daughter
Dr. Reznick and Dr. Park taking care of a pregnant COVID patient who later recovers
Dr. Murphy amputates his patient to save his life
Shaun and Leah are so close and yet apart due to COVID guidelines

These pictures may not tell you the entire story of the pandemic, but they sure do lay an insight into what doctors faced during the COVID-19. The losses they’ve had, the days spent away from family and in quarantine.

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