The past few days have been tremendously hectic and tiring for the entire nation. While several people are struggling to find adequate COVID-19 related resources across states, others are leaving no stone unturned to spread the available information on it. Social media is stuffed with appeals of plasma donation and leads for required medicines. 

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, amongst other chief ministers, has admitted that the healthcare system has collapsed amidst the strong second wave of coronavirus. 

However, while we are struggling, we were the ones because of whom the problem arose in the first place. I am not trying to blame anyone here. We all, collectively, planned ourselves to be doomed and see where we are. 

Roaming Around During COVID-19

Until a few weeks back, before India was recording less than one lakh cases per day, every time I used to scroll through social media, I would see my friends travelling with their families to faraway destinations.

Goa, Maldives, treks, trips and what not! The wanderlust struck Indians left no place to visit and amidst this, they forgot to follow the basic COVID-19 protocols. Distancing rules were flouted and masks were a hindrance to the fun, thus were nowhere to be seen. 

In addition to this, the role models of the youngsters- film stars and celebrities- were also found vacationing. And to my surprise, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, who recently recovered from the disease flew to the Maldives today.

They aren’t the only ones though! Several of them are spending their time outdoors assuming that neither can COVID-19 touch them nor can they be carriers. 

This irresponsibility of ours is what has led us to a situation which we are currently facing.

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Ignoring Lockdown And Curfew Rules

Last weekend, a curfew was imposed in Delhi, in light of the rising COVID-19 cases in the national capital. However, despite the same, men and women didn’t like taking leave and chilling at home. And they have a reason for this!

Holidays are to enjoy outdoors, irrespective of the risk associated with it! Right?!

Videos are going viral online where we can see people arguing with police officials when they were fined due to the lack of curfew passes. And this isn’t it.

Now that the Delhi Government has imposed a week-long lockdown, the alcoholics can be seen lined up outside liquor shops, securing a bottle or a carton of the “nectar” for themselves.

People are failing to understand that staying at home can save their life. Not meeting people and wearing a mask can save oneself from lakhs of rupees that they may have to spend for the coronavirus treatment if they ignore the guidelines.

It was our responsibility to follow the guidelines and make the lockdowns a success, but we faltered in our national duty.

We Don’t Vote Correctly

In the past few years, being a political enthusiast, I have keenly observed elections. The topics which remain in limelight are of religion and appeasement. The more important topic of development, which should take the centre stage, is always sidelined.

Why? Is it because our political parties are at fault? NO! Indian people like to be manipulated in the name of religion. We do not want educated leaders for ourselves.

We do not wish to talk about development or a better future for us and our coming generations. We have fashioned political ideology as our personal identity and if we hear anything against it, we go ballistic. 

We have failed the democracy we live in. If we had thought of the healthcare system more than religious topics in our state and union elections, we would have elected a government equipped to handle unforeseen events like a pandemic.

A woman in Indore wouldn’t be crying on her husband’s death due to poor medical facilities or a father in Mumbai wouldn’t be begging doctors for oxygen for his teenage son if we had been more diligent in making our choices.

This blog might come across as an eye-opener to some while some will criticize me for blaming the people for an ‘act of God’ but the truth is that the second wave could’ve been avoided, or at least restricted to great extents had we been vigilant. 

We can’t do much now, except trying to handle the situation, but we must not forget the lessons learnt and lives lost in this battle with the stupidity of people.

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Sources: Zee News, Times of India, Yahoo News

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