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India has officially entered the second wave of the pandemic and it is definitely not a good sight to behold. COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially, but people just don’t seem to care about it!

This morning, I would like to talk about those “brave, healthy, immune people” who believe nothing would happen to them when the entire world is fighting a pandemic.

Lovingly called as COVIDiots (a term that was coined last year in honour of these great people), these people don’t follow safety guidelines which all of us have learned by heart now. The rise in COVID-19 cases has also brought about a rise in the number of COVIDiots today.

Our Country Offers A Range Of COVIDiots

We can find different varieties of COVIDiots in India. Last year, people were much more scared of the virus because vaccines were still developing.

Moreover, not many knew about the nuances of getting the disease and were scared to contract it. Today, the situation is very different.

But our beloved COVIDiots supposedly think that they are invincible! Here are a few examples that I think perfectly describe what I am trying to say.

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Please, Please, Please Stay Home!

Since the past year, our lives have come to a halt, changed their trajectory and redefined academic and social experiences, to say the least.

While schools have decided to cancel board exams (we all know the level of importance Indian education connotes to board exams!) we have COVIDiots who are not at all hesitant to go for pilgrimage trips to be among lakhs of people with absolutely no social distancing!

It is not really that hard, you know? All you need to do is, stay home (because you have the privilege of staying at home unlike many), wear masks if you are stepping out, and avoid unnecessary contact with people since the virus spreads very easily.

And this is to all the COVIDiots out there, if not for yourself, take precautions for your family at least. It is a fact that the second wave has a much adverse effect.

It really isn’t safe out there, and it doesn’t help if somebody decides to rebel one day by not adhering to safety precautions when hundreds of people are trying to ensure that critical patients live to see another day.

The least anyone can do at the moment is follow social distancing protocols. Although, this is something that literally everybody knows about. That is the speciality of COVIDiots- they choose to be ignorant and honestly there is nothing much we can do about it.

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