2020 has not exactly been a very good year so far. We are barely a month away from hitting the mid-point of the year and already it feels like we are ready for the end.

One after another catastrophe has befallen the human race starting with the Australian Bushfires, the coronavirus pandemic and then a variety of natural disasters, cyclones, gas leaks, locusts, murder hornets and as of latest reports cannibal rats.

As per the latest warning by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it has been said that rats are resorting to cannibalism due to coronavirus lockdowns.

Humans have been advised to get rid of these ‘aggressive rodents’ quickly since they could also harm humans.

It surely seems that nature and God even are constantly trying to figure out how to next torture humans and make their lives more difficult.

Here are a few memes that perfectly capture that sentiment:

This entire Tweet thread and the various replies in it:

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Do share any more memes that can help us during these difficult times.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Independent, CBS News

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