The wildly popular Korean language Netflix series Squid Game that was released on September 16, sparked a global fascination—from a real-life version in Abu Dhabi to spiking interest in the Korean language in the UK and even created a frenzy in India for plain white sneakers and tracksuits. 

They are creating an economy of their own by boosting sales of everything, be it clothes or an obscure candy that was featured on the show. As tracksuits paired with slip-on shoes have become the universal reference point after several months of isolation, thanks to the pandemic, Squid Game has upped its shock value and has also managed to humanize it at the same time with this everyday costume. 

Squid Game

Squid Game is a dystopian South Korean drama that has become Netflix’s most-watched show. At a glance, no one thought this show would have made fashion statements.

Unlike, Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, which were major hits for the streaming giant, this show is not full of characters wearing glamorous outfits or having an ever-changing wardrobe based on romance and historicism, that left many of its viewers yearning for an empire waist frock or a checkerboard shift.

Rather, Squid Game’s players are all seen wearing teal-green tracksuits, that are generally speckled with blood and dirt, as they struggle to play childhood games in order to win money and pay off their debts. Their referees wore hot pink boiler suits and black masks.

Outfits of the characters in the web series

The black masks and stained tracksuits immediately became everyone’s top-tier Halloween costume. The signature outfits and gear of the series are proving to be trendy in a fashion sense that is a little hard to explain, I mean, after all, it’s just tracksuits, right?

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Global searches for retro-inspired tracksuits, white slip-on sneakers, red boiler suits, and white numbered T-shirts have all spiked,” said a spokeswoman for the shopping platform, Lyst. People’s interest in tracksuits has doubled since the series debuted and the search for white sneakers is up by 145% giving Vans a boost in sales last week.  

Spike in sale of tracksuits

Netflix itself dedicated its online store to offering Squid Game collection hoodies and T-shirts in trademark colors and shapes of the show.

Netflix’s online store

Even Louis Vuitton has signed the female star of Squid Game, Ho Yeon Jung, as their brand ambassador. People just can’t get enough of this style. 

Ho Yeon Jung

Well, who cannot relate to a tracksuit, it’s comfy and now even a brand. Just imagine yourself in a new Louis Vuitton tracksuit, the fashion statements one would be setting. 

It’s not just the clothes, Indians have gone crazy over Dalgona, the brittle Korean candy. Following the trend, they have even tried to make their own dalgona from scratch. Indians are pretty creative; they can just come up with anything to keep themselves entertained.

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