Squid Game has taken over the entire world with its concepts, the show storyline itself, characters and so much more. It is no longer just a show or series but has taken over the global culture in a way that only a few things can.

The South Korean survival drama that sees impoverished or hard on their luck people participate in seemingly simple old fashioned children’s games from that region takes a dark turn when the consequences of those games are literally life or death.

The social, economic and more issues it has raised has started several conversations online, along with also starting trends. Literally every social media platform, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, you name it and a Squid Game trend is going on there. So how could the cryptocurrency world be left behind?

A Squid Game Cryptocurrency?

Since the show is so popular these days, the cryptocurrency market has come out with a new token inspired by it called ‘Squid Token’.

Created by Binance Smart Chain Network, the official remark around this token is that “Squid Token is inspired by the famous Netflix Series “Squid Game”.

This is the first Game Token created by the network and works in a way similar to the show itself. According to the site, “you have to do is participate in the presale, the top 10 presale holders (based on amount of holdings) will be given VIP entrance to our game application. The Squid Token application will have a price pool, the price pool will be 2% of the amount raised on the presale and 10 of you will be able to participate in the games in the application and 3 of you will split the price pool. All you have to do is play and survive.” 

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Squid Game token

It also adds that, “the presale is over, the top 10 holders will be moving on to our application where they will be playing 3 games, each of those games will be giving points to the top 3 positions and after the 3 games the 3 holders with the most amount of points will be splitting the prize pool. The games will be anonymous until you reach the point of playing but will be well-known games to everyone and you will have a short description of each game before starting.”

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