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Wait! I don’t want to boast, but I’ve been a trained classical dancer for 15 years. It was the same pattern I’d been doing since my third grade; stretching and warm-up, Mangalacharan, Abhinaya, and finally the Bhoomi Pranam

I became increasingly interested in other styles of dance as I grew older, such as Bollywood and freestyle, and I absolutely loved every element of it. Everything! The energy it absorbs, the elegance it necessitates, the expressions! People began to recognize me for my dance skills, and I really enjoyed twirling to happiness!

But, all of a sudden, this worldwide pandemic had altered the entire meaning of dance for me! But, again, what is DMT? 

Dance Therapy, Also A Therapy?

DMT stands for Dance/Movement Therapy or simply Dance Therapy. Even I couldn’t believe it but, it really holds the promise for treating anxiety and depression. 

It is a form of treatment that uses movement to assist individuals in achieving emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Dance therapy, which is beneficial for both physical and mental health, may be utilized for stress reduction, illness prevention, and mood management. Furthermore, DMT’s physical component improves muscular strength, coordination, mobility, and reduces muscle stress. 

As a dancer, I’ve always found the non-verbal emotional expression provided by the movement to be quite helpful, especially when I was suffering from severe anxiety and despair.

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Dance Is Therapeutic!

It was when the pandemic jolted my mental health that I understood dancing was the only way to find pleasure in these extreme times.

I used to love dancing; but, I was never introduced to this face of dance as a healer when I was feeling low, as the greatest workout to stay fit throughout the day, and as a medium to express my feelings when I have no one to share them with.

Dance can heal. It can enlighten you, the way no other form of art can! I personally believe, Every human being is born with the ability to dance, but only a few find their way to it. Many people have many opinions about dance — but that dance is therapeutic is something that few can deny.

Dance and movement are natural antidepressants. A regular dosage of dancing puts us in a whole good mood! Talking scientifically, dancing releases endorphins, which make you feel content and euphoric which, I am sure, can definitely act as a catalyst in your bad days. 

So, what are you holding out for? Just Dance Your Happiness Out!

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