The nihilistic subculture of gothic fashion trends dates back to the 70s and early 80s. There are various subsets of gothic fashion trends that initially originated from punk rock culture.

Adopting gothic fashion- whether cyber goth or romantic goth displays one’s interest in the fancy web of occult and dark academia with an overwhelming number of black clothes in the wardrobe along with fishnets and ethereal metal accessories for added effect.

For several people, gothic fashion is not just a passing trend to hop onto. It’s a conscious lifestyle choice that becomes a dominant part of their identity for expressing themselves and finding a niche tribe to fit into while paradoxically trying to not fit in. 

Over the last few years, people have adapted to the new modifications in the gothic trends to find their own comfort style and these booming gothic fashion trends have influenced the market with more availability of such accessories, clothing, and shoes. 

The steampunks, the neurogoths, and the Nu goths complement their personality with tattoos and interests in David Lynch’s film apart from the obvious rock and metal abode of dark introspective occult.

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In recent years, there has been exponential growth in the gothic subculture taking over all fashion trends and music by romanticizing darkwave artists like “Corpse Husbando” and fetishizing the emo version of gothic fashion characterised by coloured hair and piercings.

By playing on the visual fantasies of its audience, the market made indelible progress in bringing a new gothic subculture to the forefront.

Commonly, we view the following to make up the 21st-century gothic fashion-:

  • Fishnet Stockings 
  • Hair Highlights 
  • Dark clothing ( Skirts or Dresses)
  • Piercings 
  • Metal Accessories 
  • Black Boots 
  • Dark Academia Pendants 

Gothic subculture keeps evolving and adapting to incorporate newer elements that bind people to form their own niche tribe and express themselves. By giving people identity in the realm of pop culture, goth fashion conquers the 21st-century market.

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