Our clothes define who we are. But who or what defines those same clothes.

Would you be surprised if I told you that majority of our dressing styles and trends are inspired by the Victorian Era fashion?

This was the same time period when finally the cloth manufacturing process started shifting towards power looms and sewing machines appeared on the scene.

Victorian fashion usually comprises of the series of fashion changes introduced during the reign of Queen Victoria, a period lasting from 1837 to 1901. The changes introduced for men and women were almost introduced around the same time.


The radical changes in women’s clothing were more centered around celebrating their slim waists and how to make them appear more lovely. These included loads of things such as corsets, petticoats, boots, lace etc.

On the other hand, men’s fashion was centered around costumes that made them look formal, sober and elegant at their workplace and otherwise. Men’s clothing usually involved wearing long coats, hats, vests, and blazers.

Boots– A comparison between the Victorian era boot design and the boots worn in Modern times. The design of the shoelaces has more or less remained the same over time.

Hair- The hairstyle of women in Victorian times involved curls and braids, whose reflection can be seen even know.

Victorian Jewellery– The  Victorian Jewellery designs still act as a source of inspiration for modern day rings and necklaces.

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Skirt- The Victorian skirt was worn in combination with the corset. Modern-day Victorian skirt designs are somewhat similar to those worn in the 19th century, sans corsets.

Men’s Hats– The hats worn by men in the 19th century Britain have not seen major design changes in today’s time. Although still in circulation, they are not fairly popular.

Vests- Modern-era vests have a less complicated design than those worn in Victorian times. But they are still worn as an intricate part of a 3 piece suit.

Coats- The long coats of the 19th century were slowly replaced by waist-length coats and blazers. But the design of the coats has not seen drastic changes.

Our clothes derive heavy inspiration from Victorian Era fashion. The clothes reflected the societal setup of that time, which was fairly formal and involved class.

The Victorian vibe can still be felt even now. The details of clothing of that time combined with the comfort of today’s time form a perfect combination, and this is the reason for Victorian items still being popular.

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Sources: Wikipedia, Historic UK




  1. I’m pretty sure that the skirt example (actually a dress) is not from the Victorian era but from the 1700’s. Also, women wore petticoats for hundreds of years before the Victorian era. Corsets were worn quite a long time before the Victorian era, also.


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