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How Amit Mehta Achieved Success Despite a Very Versatile Career


As a leading healthcare investor, practicing physician, published author, and owner of multiple businesses, Amit Mehta seemingly does it all. Amit’s career runs the gamut from starting a contract research organization called Intrinsic Imaging to founding a medical device startup Zynfusion that is creating a revolutionary medical device for spinal fusion. Amit even runs a colored gems business called Nava Gems. “I feel that I am unique in that I am able to multitask in various businesses that are fundamentally disparate, yet utilize a skillset that holistically is complementary to each of them. I am a demonstration of the ability to be multidimensional as an entrepreneur and operator, without having to sacrifice success in any single business line.”
In pursuit of these goals, he began with a career in Medicine. “While growing up in Canada, the allure of the magnitude of innovation occurring at a health metroplex as vibrant and dynamic as Harvard brought me to complete my medical training there,” he explains. “As an outsider to the U.S. health system, this considerable achievement of being accepted into a prestigious U.S. grounded institution taught me to hustle. As an innovator and entrepreneur, this led to the inception and execution of several businesses over the course of my career.”
As the recipient of multiple accolades including the San Antonio Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” List, Amit’s passion and drive is evident to his colleagues.  Nevertheless, the versatility of his career makes it hard to compare him to others in any one industry. He says, However, the versatility of his career makes it hard to compare him to others in any one industry. He notes, “I am involved in many endeavors where we try to  differentiate ourselves by being smarter, working harder, and being tech savvy leading to efficiencies in delivering our product.”
Amit admits that this level of multitasking hasn’t always been easy. Coming from a different country and balancing a healthy family while accomplishing his professional goals, he understands the unique challenges that business owners and entrepreneurs might face in their respective industries. He notes, “The biggest challenges anyone faces in starting their own business are taking the initial leap, understanding your market and product market fit, understanding how to scale, and overcoming adversity and obstacles.”
Despite these challenges, Amit credits his success to his inquisitive nature, ability to hustle, and positive mindset. He explains, “Mindset plays a large part in an entrepreneur’s success. Without it, it is difficult to overcome adversity.” Nevertheless, Amit is constantly motivated by his desire to innovate, create and improve the human condition.

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