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Mumbai’s booming startup empowers MSMEs to have their own website in just 15 minutes


 Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon, once said – ‘It is going to be hard to find things that are not sold online’ 

With the corona pandemic hitting global businesses, the online presence of an enterprise has become significantly important. Understanding the moment and capitalizing the same, a digital startup from Mumbai named:, is rocketing in the right direction to enable MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises). The startup aims at getting over 63 million Indian MSMEs discovered online, which works as the backbone of the Indian economy. 

There are 200 million micro business owners across the globe & approximately 7 out of 10 of them do not have a digital identity. This startup is empowering small businesses go online, get discovered online and grow big. 

Founded in the year 2017, the startup had a single-minded focus on ensuring that business owners can easily create, update, and manage their websites on their own without needing any technical assistance. 

Talking to us, Founder Kartik Raichura stated, “We planned to do a pilot just in Mumbai – Andheri district, a center point for MSME in Maharashtra. However, when our application went live on Google Play Store, we began getting downloads from all over the world. The second biggest adoption came from Indonesia & shockingly, the USA was third in the rank. It is truly said that if you battle out an issue for India, you will have rightly solved it for the world. Individuals in developed nations do not hesitate for a single second in purchasing the subscription online” 

The numbers show that Indian MSMEs are as yet held-up with old practices, which can be because of different reasons, for example, the absence of gifted work, traditional IT framework, and so on.

In any case, there is no denying the way technology can open up new doors for MSMEs. Technology-driven MSME develops revenue and business upto twice as quickly as their counterparts, win more potential clients, get ahead in the race, and the sky is the limit from there.

Business owners can download the app – “ – Instant Websites ” from Google Playstore or Apple App Store and create their own website without the help of any developer or a techie, in just 15 minutes. 

Create a business profile with details and it is all set for use within just 3 steps. The website is giving all this for free for the first 30 days without even charging the customer’s credit card.

The website also gives access to a free domain name; free unlimited hosting, Automated SEO, Analytics, Auto social media, Response Templates, and much more. The features are built in a way that the website will automatically create the listing on the search engine and regulate its promotion on all the social media platforms. At the end of the day, it’s a great deal. 

Talking with us – industrious co-founder Dhaval Mehta revealed, “Entrepreneurs today are truly open to using cell phones. They need their online business in the palm of their hands and they would prefer not to be dependent on any other individual. Our main goal is to help the small entrepreneurs to start the digital journey and the 8000+ reviews are a declaration that we are moving the correct way.” 

The latest traction of the app, nearly 1 million app downloads, with over 8,000 reviews speaks volumes about the hard work and sheer dedication the team of has put in to make the dreams of millions of MSME owners come true. 

The startup has been paying customers from over 100+ countries which shows that the news is out and is surely here to stay, evolve and support MSMEs, the spine of the global economy.

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