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Aryaan Arora and Sam Bertini of The Arora Company Launch Tabr, A New York-Based Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate


Sam Bertini and Aryaan Arora of Public Relations and Marketing Consultancy Firm, The Arora Company have founded Tabr, a New York-based Mass Media and Entertainment Conglomerate.  The first division of Tabr the two founders have debuted is the news division, formally known as Tabr News. With a journalism team based in New York and New Jersey, the news organization aims to create and publish digital content that promotes social causes and serves underprivileged communities in New Jersey.

According to an official statement released by the conglomerate, the news division is particularly passionate about covering the job market and how innovative entrepreneurs are enacting change by hiring individuals from marginalized groups. The organization also analyzes economic policy and proposes alternative strategies in lieu of the traditional tax cut. The site journalists conduct interviews with both experts and everyday jobseekers to gain a holistic understanding of the topics they write about — seeking understanding from all angles is their intention.

According to Tabr CEO Sam Bertini, the site aims to bring a diverse set of perspectives to the forefront in order to combat the spread of severe polarization among those with differing opinions within the United States. They aim to be wholly unbiased, and promote discourse for the sake of community consciousness and development. The site also seeks to host those with unique perspectives who may not get a voice on more established, corporate organizations.

“There are so many people out there with so many valuable things to say,” Bertini says, “but they just don’t have a platform. We hope to give it to them.” 

The news site has impressively amassed thousands of readers and nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram within days of launching. Co-founder Aryaan Arora attributes this to the marketing skills he has learned while heading The Arora Company. 

According to the founders, however, they intend to expand the Tabr conglomerate far beyond just news. “We’re already planning the launch of a YouTube channel,” Arora said, “and even have several apps in the works. We’re excited to share more on this matter in the future.”

“This is just the beginning of Tabr’s initiatives,” Bertini added. “We have our sights set on expanding into all areas of media, entertainment, and beyond.”

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