The government-run King Koti district hospital in the city of Hyderabad has started employing Entonox, a gas that is a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen, during the delivery of babies in order to lessen the agony and suffering experienced by women during childbirth.

According to Dr. Jalaja Veronica, who is the Head of the Gynaecology Department at the hospital, women going through the excruciating pain of childbirth have experienced relief through this equipment.

She also added, “It is the first of its sort equipment to be deployed in a government hospital in Hyderabad” while speaking about this innovative measure.

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When questioned about the procedure, she said that the women going through labour are provided with an oxygen mask that is attached to a cylinder of Entonox at the moment of labour when the person can no longer tolerate the agonising pain. The gas enters the patient’s body when she exhales deeply, which helps her feel reduced pain.

In short, depending on the patient’s pain threshold, the gases begin to work on the sensory nerves within 15–20 seconds and provide pain relief for one to two minutes. Instead of functioning as an anaesthetic, they work as an analgesic.

According to a doctor, this is also a step in the direction of the health department’s overarching goal, which is to encourage women to choose natural deliveries over Caesarean sections as reported by the Deccan Chronicle.

Additionally, according to the hospital’s superintendent, the health administration intends to adopt this in all of the state’s public hospitals.

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