Regular PUBG players would have noticed an exciting new feature with the advent of Season 9: the Team Deathmatch or TDM mode.

What is it?

One of the functions of the Evoground, TDM mode divides 8 players into 2 teams- the Blue team and the Red team. There are no other players in the match apart from these two teams, and their sole aim is to get 40 kills before the other team, and win.

Features of TDM Mode:

  1. Players, when viewed by members of the opposite team, have an aura in their team’s colour, making it easy to spot opposing players and stay clear of teammates.
  2. A very limited play area is provided.
  3. Weapons are unlimited and keep replenishing.
  4. Special weapons like AWM and higher level helmets are available at spots marked with a yellow beam.
  5. Players resurrect unlimited times on being killed, and are invincible for the first 5 seconds after resurrection.
  6. Voice prompts from the game at timely intervals help you pick up your efficiency as required.

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Strategies to win

While the fast-paced game is extremely fun and adrenaline-filled, it’s also very easy to get killed in the limited space. Here are some tips to stay alive longer, and also win:

1. Play as a team. If each teammate does their own thing, they are more likely to get divided and killed. Instead, coordinate and cover each other using voice chat. To misquote Game of Thrones, ‘the lone wolf may die, but the pack survives.’

2. Use stealth. There are enough crates and warehouses to hide in and take aim. If you keep running around in a small play area, you’re more likely to be spotted and targeted. 

3. Make good use of your grenades. In a small play area, it’s easy to spot enemy players, and even if your grenade isn’t lobbed with 100% accuracy, you have a good chance of causing damage, if not getting a straight kill.

4. Try to get to the areas marked with a yellow beam as soon as possible, and pick up superior weapons. They will give you an edge over the enemy players, who will lose out on this loot.

5. Don’t use AKM, as its heavy recoil slows you down and makes it difficult to shoot in a confined space. Choose snipers instead. 

If you have any more useful tips to suggest, mention them in the comments below.

Happy Deathmatch!

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