Perfora, an oral care brand is currently under fire for promoting toxic work culture that all originated from a few stories they’d shared on their Instagram account.

The company was founded by Jatan Bawa and Tushar Khurana in 2021 and offers various dental care products and also had a successful stint at the Shark Tank India show.

The Gurgaon-based startup had appeared in the latest season of the Shark Tank India show and had successfully secured an 80-lakh funding deal too making many talk about it. But now it is in news for all the wrong reasons as people are not appreciating their recent social media posts that show their workers working long hours, not sleeping enough, and more.

What Happened?

On 19th March, Twitter user @SatinTweety tweeted out a screenshot from Perfora’s official Instagram account’s story writing “for the millionth time, your startup employee not having slept well in 30 days is not a flex”.

The brand’s story caption the image as “Meet Sonu: Our Account Manager at Partner Warehouse. He has hardly slept in the last 30 days. He looks after the entire order packing and dispatching.”

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They added another photo in the thread where the caption to the photo by the brand wrote “Our ops team has been at the warehouse since the last 30 days. Working till 3 am to get your orders dispatched.”

A lot of people on Twitter, however, were triggered by the video and called out that the startup was boasting about a toxic work environment.

One user commented that “Toxic work culture (is) whitewashed as commitment for no reason,” while another said that “These guys (Perfora workers) are just scared of losing their jobs. Can’t say no…like most of us.”

Twitter user @itsmedsam wrote that “companies like @Perforaofficial glorifying such work cultures talk a lot about what’s wrong with today’s work expectations!! such a stupid move as PR.”

Another tagged the Shark Tank India judges calling out the company’s funding from the show that “Perfora has raised a total of $3.7M in Series-A funding, as well Rs 80 lakh investment on Shark Tank. Are you guys funding startups that exploit its workforce? Is it not sufficiently funded to hire to meet rising demand?”

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