The country of North Korea is a very unique one, for its strict and tight control over what news comes out it being one of the things and how people live being another.

The people living under the regime of Kim Jong Un have to follow a number of different rules that range from harsh to cruel to bizarre meanwhile human rights organisations are constantly fighting about the violations the country commits against people.

Now, in a recent report, it has come out that the people of North Korea are apparently not happy with the appearance of Kim Jong Un’s daughter Kim Ju Ae. Instead of the usual praise and respect, the people of North Korea are reacting with hate against how the daughter looks calling out the food shortage the country is facing as reported by Radio Free Asia.

What Are People Saying?

Kim Ju Ae, the 10-year-old daughter of North Korea’s fearless leader Kim Jong Un has been covered much by the media, for potentially being the next heir to his title. She has been photographed at a number of public events, but the citizens of North Korea are not happy with how she looks.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia’s Korean Service a resident of the northwestern province of North Pyongan was said to be stating that “It makes me angry that my situation is so hard to bear, and Kim Ju Ae, who we all know is eating and living well, is showing up on TV in her fancy clothes so often.”

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Kim Jong Un daughter

Some reports believe that it was an appearance on February 25th when she was seen wearing a “fur-collared long coat with golden buttons, festooned with a golden brooch and high-quality leather gloves” was what upset people, considering the food shortage sources claim is happening in the country.

Besides the outfit, the report claims that North Koreans especially observed her ‘round and rosy cheeks’ with ‘picture-perfect dresses’ compared to how her appearance contrasted with the “skinny” children of the common people “who cannot even eat three meals a day due to a lack of food”.

A source in the report also apparently said that “The people are saying things like, ‘She must be eating so well, her face is so white and plump like the moon. Most people aren’t able to eat properly so their cheekbones stick out from their faces even more than ever before.”

Another North Korean told RFA reportedly that “They are angry to see the plump white face of the Beloved Child appearing so often in propaganda.”

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