These days mere completion of a degree isn’t enough for a bright career. Gone are the days when universities were all about completing assignments and writing papers. GBP course by UNSW

In the age of connectivity and world becoming smaller place, having knowledge is not good enough. How one applies that knowledge in the real world matters. Many universities have already realised this and are coming up with different programs and courses in partnership with different countries in order to provide a holistic development of their students.

Apart from this, universities have developed a well-rounded curriculum full of various activities, clubs and societies to provide better communication and connection opportunities for students with various stakeholders from the real world!

University of New South Wales is one such prominent university to successfully manage a curriculum which provides for holistic development of its students. The programs at UNSW are built in a way that students are able to become better equipped for real-life challenges in the workplace, and are thus more employable.

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Anna Ning, a student of UNSW, spoke about how there are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, societies, volunteering, sports, and community-related programs to get involved with at UNSW.

Other than this, career development opportunities such as networking events, seminars, as well as help with making a resume and interview preparations are added advantages of studying in the university.

In candid conversation with GBP India students about the GBP course, India and their experience so far:

She also mentioned that her experience at UNSW and the exposure received during the GBP program have benefitted their practical learning. The program has also provided guidance in applying the skills acquired through the course. The university encourages student exchange programs to expose them to international markets and work culture.

One of the most practical and interesting programs of UNSW though is the GBP i.e. Global Business Practicum program. The COMM3020 credit course is an experiential approach in order to give hands on international exposure, understanding and workplace skills to students giving them an opportunity to work and learn overseas.

On being asked about the GBP course, Carl Hastings, a student from UNSW currently working with a 360 degree brand solutions company called Communicate India in Mumbai under the GBP program told us about how it has been an unique opportunity for him.

“This program has broadened my knowledge of India and business in the Asia-Pacific region. I have become a more well-rounded person after experiencing the change in cultural environment and this experience has given me a sense of how to manage my interactions and communication in an international business environment”, he remarked.

Not only such universities provide unique and encouraging curriculums for better development, they help students financially as well. For instance, Rebecca Lee, pursuing Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at UNSW received the New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship grant (provided to students undertaking studies in the Asia-Pacific region) in relation to her internship in Mumbai for the Global Business Practicum course.

Rebecca narrated, “The NCP grant immensely assisted me financially, enabling me and many others to experience this invaluable program during my final year. Additionally, there are a large range of scholarships available to students from wide range of circumstances and backgrounds. Specifically, there are an astounding 61 scholarships available for Indian students alone!”

The campus life and the student-faculty interaction at UNSW is again no less than a dream for the students currently enrolled with the University. Moreover, the GBP course is an example of the number of “Co-op” programs that the University offers which aim to provide industry experience for students while they complete their studies.

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