As the flow of Indian students to the U.S. is declining due to multiple factors including the tightening of regulations for the H1B visa, people are finding other avenues to pursue quality education in an institution with a high standards, a global outreach, and a receptive atmosphere from the host country.

This need for quality education abroad is further exacerbated by the rapidly dipping education standards in India, as well as the lack of truly global schools which can cater to the need of a global market.

As a result, aspiring students are now turning to countries like Australia, Germany, and Canada with Australia being a crowd favorite.

Aayushi Pandey, a student of the University of New South Wales, Sydney spoke about how she chose Australia and further UNSW (The University Of New South Wales) because of the friendly atmosphere and the perks that the university carries with it including its 26 ranking worldwide in employability and 56 ranking worldwide in general according to the QS World University ranking.

She spoke about how welcoming Australians were to people of all nationalities and how meeting people of other nationalities helped better her understanding and aid her in her professional pursuits.

The University of New South Wales, Sydney was founded in 1949 and was the first in Australia to admit international students in its ranks. It currently has international students from over 120 countries enrolled.

According to Blair Slater, Senior Career Consultant at UNSW, Indian students at UNSW mainly enroll in mainly Business Studies and Engineering courses.

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Apart from Engineering and Business Studies, UNSW offers courses in Art and Design, Law, Medicine, Science, Environment Design, and Arts and Social Sciences. All of these streams have cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities along with deep industrial ties that benefit the students immensely, as pointed out by Aayushi.

She did not even have a resume when she came to UNSW and had no idea how to go about getting a job or an internship. She was guided by the Careers office at UNSW in all of these matters and was finally able to grab an offer letter.

According to her, UNSW instills a lot of local experience as well as the ability of networking in its students. These soft skills which are very important in a professional setting are a part of their syllabus at UNSW.

When asked about finances for international students, the Careers office spoke about their scholarship programs including their flagship ‘Future of Change’ scholarship. They also mentioned that the graduate salaries in Australia are higher than in other countries, so the return on your investment is higher.

When asked further about the returns in terms of employment opportunities offered by the university, we learned that UNSW Sydney has a top 30 employability rating worldwide and attracts prestigious companies to seek potential employees.

Unfortunately according to Mr. Slater, “International students are good at academics, but lack the necessary soft skills”. UNSW aims to bridge this gap by educating their students and tying up with tier one companies to provide ample working experience to fill out an entire resume.

Looking at the co-curricular side of the equation, UNSW has over 300 student societies, including a Game of Thrones society, which sounds super cool. It has many interactive events with global leaders such as an event with Mr. Tharoor, who came exclusively to UNSW to interact with the students.

Anupam Kher and Shabana Azmi have also visited UNSW for a theater event. Apart from this, the university provides a platform to interact with business leaders, as Aayushi explained that she had a sit down to talk and discuss strategies with the Manager of Toyota for Australia when she was in college.

Boasting of a rich heritage, cutting-edge infrastructure, high education standards, and a vibrant student community, UNSW Sydney is fast emerging as one of the premier education destinations.

Should we expect to see a change in the trend from US universities to universities such as UNSW which exist and operate in countries with a friendlier immigration laws?

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