Recently, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, opened up about his experience of COVID-19 pandemic at an event where he was reviewing the progress of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway in Bharuch, Gujarat.

Making 4 Lakh Per Month From YouTube

At the event, he revealed that he made 4 lakh per month during the pandemic by uploading his online lectures on YouTube.

Speaking about how he utilised his time, the minister said he did two things during the pandemic.

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“First I learnt how to cook different items by watching YouTube videos at home. Second, I delivered more than 950 lectures, including lectures to foreign universities students, online through video conferencing, which were uploaded on YouTube.”

“The viewership of my YouTube channel increased and YouTube now pays me 4 lakh a month as royalty”, he said laughing.

Using Technology At Its Best

Nitin Gadkari is a notable speaker and known for delivering articulate speeches. This is why he has 231K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has uploaded 1,000 video lectures on his channel to date.

His viewership witnessed a surge during the pandemic last year. His channel has all his speeches, press conferences and media bytes that garner thousands of views.

He has become popular among the masses for his eloquent speeches that he delivered at various national and international events.

There is no doubt that Gadkari utilised his time effectively in learning and exploring new things. By sharing his experience, he inspired many to keep learning and utilise one’s time in a productive manner. His experience also sheds light on how social media platforms can be used fruitfully.

Hence, the minister set the perfect example of how one can utilise one’s time and technology at their best.

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