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In a world where we are surrounded by content, our bloggers wanted to once again take up the eternal debate. This time they fight on which is better, movies or books. Read the opposite perspectives of our bloggers and pick your side!


When you’re making a movie adapted from a book, real book-lovers are waiting with their knives ~
Blogger Aanchal’s perspective

If I had to list one way of ruining someone’s favourite book for them then ‘Make A Movie Out Of It’ would top the list. As a person who spends most of her time reading or watching movies, I find movie adaptations of books to be utterly disappointing. They suck most of the time or maybe ALL THE TIME.

I saw ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, two of my favourite reads, as movies and it was hard to sit through them. They did not do justice at all and I found the movie adaptations more painful than the plots themselves. Here’s why I feel books are way better than their movie adaptations:






Books Give One More Detail

There is no way a two-hour film can be as detailed as a 300-page book. Books are way more fulfilling and interesting. Movie adaptations cut down on detail simply because it won’t translate well visually.

I saw both the seasons of Sacred Games on Netflix and still found the books to be more fulfilling than their visual adaptation.

Books Give One Direct Insight Into The Minds Of The Character

Books give one direct insight into the minds of the characters at every step, which makes one bond to the characters more as opposed to films which have to rely more on the audience’s emotional intelligence in picking up nuances of a character’s inside thoughts.

Films Twist Characters

Sometimes one’s favourite characters are twisted in the movie adaptations. Enough justice isn’t done to them and they fail to match the character description as in the book. If you’ve seen the Percy Jackson series and Paper Towns, you’ll realize how dumb and twisted the adaptations were.

Books Give One More Time To Absorb

Famous series often span over several exhaustive installments which gives one enough content to consume in the plot. These series don’t translate well into visual mediums and always leave one wanting more. 

So if you ever have to choose between a book and its movie adaptation, I hope I have given you enough reasons to pick the former.

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If you want to give life to stories written in books, you ought to make a movie out of it! ~
Blogger Somnath’s perspective

If there was one place other than the school basketball court that you’d find me at, it would be the library. I love the smell of books and honestly, novels saved me from a very aggressive adolescent swing of moods.

But I would prefer movies over books now. Adaptations of novels really excite me, except, of course, Chetan Bhagat’s novel adaptations. Here’s my side of the story:

Work Work Work All Day!

At this age where we are all about to begin our careers and are submerged head to toe in work all day long, when do you think you’d get time to sit down and read a novel?

A movie, at this point of time, is very convenient. The laptop keeps running the movie and I keep working alongside it.

Better Visualization

After seeing so many colours of people around me, my brain takes a lot of time to comprehend characters of a storybook. For example, the novel Dear John was a good read. But I liked the film even more because I could see everything in front of me, as it really happens.

Blame me or the monotonous routine we have these days, my processor (brain) works slow now. Thank you filmmakers for making it easier for people like me to have a good time with good stories!

Dates Are Better With Movies

Would you ever take your crush on a date to a library where you both sit and read the same novel, both of you holding either side of the book? Super romantic, eh?

Guys do not have to worry about where to take their dates, or what to do on a date. They can simply take the girl to a movie of a romantic or emotional novel, or even a thriller (blessed are the men whose girlfriends like thrillers), and have a great day with each other.

Girls don’t need to think of big things to do on a date. Get a guy to watch a movie taken from a book you love, and then see the excitement on his face about watching some crime drama. Bear through it, because you would not want to read a 500-page novel silently with him. 

Heavy Loads

I’m already an early 20’s man living with late 80’s backaches. God have mercy on those who carry thick, heavy novels every single day in their bags. Try to help pick up bricks at a construction site. They will even pay you to carry that load.

How many novels can my bag hold? 4, maybe 5. How many movies can my Pendrive, which fits in a small pocket, have in it? Over 50.

I guess we have a war here.

Tell us in the comments below which one you like better – movies or books!

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