‘Mera campus better hai’, is something that you would have heard a lot in any debate on which Delhi University (DU) Campus is better. But here is how South Campus students feel that they are cooler than North Campus.

From the bahaar of Garden of Five Senses to the lush green vadiyaan of Lodhi Garden, South Campus kids win here by an easy shot.

With Magenta Line commutation has also become easier to South Campus.

“Our campus is way cooler. We have Satya Niketan, the hub of south campus which has innovative cafes like Café Pipeline, Scooter on the Wall, and Roof-Top-Café. These are much more fun than the usual McDonalds, Dominoes or Dunkin Doughnuts in Kamla Nagar”, says Karina from South Campus.

There are a number of cafes in South Delhi.

Here are the reasons why South Campus is cooler than North Campus:

1. Satya Niketan – Foodie Hub

Satya Niketan that is right opposite Venkateshwara College is the hub of food joints. It is called the Hudson Lane of South Campus. Big Yellow Door, Rooftop Cafe, Chocolate Room and the list of café’s there is endless.

North Campus students feel that Hudson Lane is the coolest place to hang out but South Campus has its own charm. South Campus serves you with the best street food and dinners.

2. From Sarojini Nagar to M block market – Shop all you need

South Campus is just the right place for shopaholics. Select Citywalk, Promenade, and Emporio are the best luxury brands that you will find here.

If you are looking for cheap street shopping, Sarojini Nagar is where you can score the trendiest clothes, accessories, footwear, handbags and much more.

Also, you can snag floral printed t-shirts, flowy dresses & midis, and cool clutches at M Block Market in GK I. South Campus students simply head to Yashwant Place Shopping Complex for leather boots, jackets, and bags.

3. For memorable parties, South Campus has Hauz Khas and Diggin

Artists like Nikhil Chinappa played at Hauz Khas. This place is a beautiful village dancing at night. Diggin is one of the iconic places where you can sit with your friends and enjoy a good conversation.

You can also visit places like Kitty Su, Pangea, Lap and The Mansion. No other place is better than South Delhi for a memorable party.

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4. Affordable PGs or flats to live for South Campus students

Accommodation is not a fuss in South Campus. You can choose a PG (paying guest) or a flat according to your budget.

People who have a low budget find a residence in Motibagh and Anand Niketan with PGs starting from Rs. 5000 per month.

There is a variety in South Campus in terms of quality, options, facilities, room size, crowd, and ambiance.

5. Cheerful crowd

It’s impossible that you will end up feeling lonely in South Campus. There are people of all kinds. A person would find sixty-eight percenters and ninety-five percenters sitting in the same class. You can hang out with your friends if you don’t want to attend the lectures.

Sarojini Nagar is student friendly for buying clothes

Why you should focus on your course and other activities?

North Campus might have its colleges in a cluster, whereas colleges in South Campus are scattered, but I think that we should focus on the field of study rather than the campus.

Instead of looking for the campus, you should be more concerned about your course. It’s possible that the college might not have the fame but the faculty and the course is what matters.

You should be clear about the course and not let the college preference come in the way of your field of interest.

You can also take up internships and part-time jobs while pursuing the course. They will help you gain experience and employer recommendations that will help you get a full-time job.

“Sixty-three percent of graduating seniors have had at least one internship and seven of 10 interns are offered full-time jobs by their employers”, claims internships.com.

It will be better to go by the course than the popularity of the campus.

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Sources: India Tv, Catch Now, The Indian Express

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