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There were colors of support everywhere in the country when the Supreme Court verdict of removal of section 377 came out. It was as if we had won a fight for justice.

Gladly, celebrities, businessmen, and young men posted pictures on social media with their lovers of the same gender. Gender equality became an actual thing with the ruling out of section 377.

But do you really think the Indian public is ready to accept such a big change all of a sudden? Does the taboo regarding bisexuals still continue to exist or have things changed? This is exactly what we wanted to know.

When ED asked around young men from students to those in jobs, we got a bunch of interesting answers, mostly supportive. It is a good sign that bisexuals are being accepted into the Indian society very well.

Nevertheless, some time is needed for everyone to be comfortable with same-gender couples around them. Humans are indeed reluctant to change.

Here are a few answers of some straight men who spoke a little bit on their opinion about bisexuals and their acceptance and ruling out of section 377.

What do straight Indian men think of bisexuals? 

Read further. 

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