The new college year is starting, many of you are either looking through cut-offs, trying to get into your preferred college and course, some of your are now going into their 2nd year and some are ready to pass on from college.

College is not just about a whole different kind of education system and getting a lot of freedom, but it is majorly about one big thing that no one should forget about.


Yes food is perhaps the one thing that makes college bearable and exploring and eating out at small and cheap roadside vendors is what college is all about.

The first year at least is spent just wandering about near and far from your college, getting suggestions from seniors on which places one should definitely eat at.

In my opinion, it is always 10 times more fun and entertaining finding a small kiosk/vendor than a restaurant. So here are 5 such roadside vendors that every south campus student must give a try to:

1. Nift Maggi Point:

There is a maggi point right opposite to NIFT Hauz Khas that makes amazing maggi. If you are not able to visit the legendary Tom Uncle Maggi point then this one is not that bad.

Also, the location is just perfect with it being right opposite to the main gate of campus and you just have to cross the road.

The price is also extremely cheap and if needed you can easily run back to college for classes.

2. DCAC:

Alright, so I understand this might be a bit ambiguous and no I am not talking of the cafeteria in DCAC. The food there is not bad but nothing special either.

What I am talking about is this small shop right near to DCAC, there are also other shops like photocopy place and more there. It doesn’t really have a name, but you can very quickly find it as it is a saviour for many other students.

But the small shop is where the magic happens. I survived my three years of college on their sandwiches and trust me they cost mere pennies but damn if they didn’t taste like heaven.

3. Dolma Aunty Ke Momos:

This small little place in Lajpat Nagar has managed to bring satisfaction to a lot of students with tasty momos at dirt cheap prices.

The red sauce of theirs is a must try and nothing brings friends closer together than sharing a plate of momos.

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4. Laxman Dhaba at IIFT:

south campus

Of course, I cannot forget to include the legendary Laxman Dhaba right opposite to the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) which is known across Delhi for practically everything they make.

Whether it be their paranthas, the chicken parantha is a must try, or be it their maggi, somehow they are able to make everything just that much more delicious.

You don’t really need any directions, the dhaba is on the other side to IIFT in the Qutub Institutional area. Simple.

5. Yashwant Place:

This is not just one place but a whole complex of really budget friendly and tasty food places where you can get a variety of North India, North-Eastern and Tibetan food.

As a student of South Campus, it is your duty to visit Yashwant Place at least once and try out from the many offerings it has to give. From China Town Sizzlers to Chimney Sizzlers and more there is something for everyone here.

So, that was it and do comment below if I forgot any other south campus places known for their food at budget prices.

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