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In this day and age, hustle culture has become a norm. People work tremendously hard to make sure that they grow not only financially but also socially. It has been often debated whether being loyal to one company or switching jobs is more beneficial for the financial gains of a working individual.

Blogger Pragya’s Opinion

Changing Jobs Frequently Is Better As It Keeps You On Your Toes- Pragya Damani

Ensured Growth

Staying at the same job restricts your growth as you lose touch with the industry outside. New companies come with their own set of challenges and hence require constant work to be at par with rivals. This ensures constant growth. If a company is not growing very fast, it becomes difficult to grow in a corporate environment.

Keeps One Curious

Staying at the same job makes one comfortable and ultimately unimaginative. Constantly changing jobs keeps a person curious and eager to learn more. Learning new things and applying it keeps the work interesting and makes one willing to put in the effort.

New Beginning

Every new job is a new beginning where one gets to redefine themselves. It is a well-established fact that new beginnings make people want to be better than their past selves.

Changing jobs more often makes one meet new people and consequently makes one more apprehensive of people’s wants and needs. It also results in a better judgement of people.

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Blogger Ekparna’s opinion

Stability can feel so comfortable at times, especially when you have a stable job – Ekparna Podder 

Sense Of Belongingness

Staying put in one company for a long time makes a person feel comfortable and engenders a sense of security in him. You develop a bond of trust with your fellow co-workers over time and in the long run, you can depend on them. On the other hand, if you keep changing jobs, it becomes difficult to build a deep connection with anyone and as a result, your workplace will always be a ground of competition between you and the other employees. 

After staying in one company for a prolonged period, your job becomes a lot easier. Your boss trusts you with important tasks and meetings and provides you with so many liberties like taking long leaves or sometimes even coming in late. If you are an old employee, you are always treated with respect. 

Your job becomes predictable after a point, and it only helps you focus better on your personal life and other hobbies. If you are a student, staying put in one company helps you chalk out a suitable timetable for all your activities and studies. 

Proper Acknowledgement

If you find your work being acknowledged, it is wise to stay put in that company. It is very tough to make your place in the corporate world, especially with the extremely competitive atmosphere all around. It is a great deal to earn your boss’s attention and your fellow co-workers’ adulation. 

If your paycheck is comfortable and you are not saddled with the workload, the company is right for you. If you are a diligent worker, your promotion is inevitable, in respect of both, designation and salary. 

Commitment To Your Workplace

The bigger picture is that you have a commitment toward your company or workplace. It is not just about fulfilling your own dreams and goals, but you are also working for the prosperity of the firm. The company needs you as much as you need the company. None can function without either. 

So it is your duty to stick with your company through thick and thin, and work hard so that both you and your company are benefited. Your company’s success is your pride and only a long, devoted employee can understand this. 

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