The incident of two men caught stealing flower pots that were placed around the venue where a G20 event was taking place has gone viral by now.

The absolutely absurd nature of the incident itself has resulted in a lot of jokes and memes being made around it, which is kind of was expected considering everything. I mean, it definitely sounds like something you’d see happening in a comedy movie or show where the protagonists of it have to steal the flower pots for some bizarre reason or it could even be something of a comedy of errors.

However, in the midst of all this one minister from Nagaland also decided to share a hilarious caption for what happened.

What Did This Nagaland Minister Say?

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along soon after the incident went viral posted one of the clips going around with the caption “Biwi ko manane gaya tha, ab Delhi Police ko mana raha hai (Was going to appease his wife, now appeasing Delhi Police)”.

The minister joked about how the two men were probably stealing the pots to gift their wives but would now have to deal with the police that caught them.

The tweet got a lot of reaction with someone clarifying that it was the Gurugram Police that arrested the people and not Delhi Police while another one commented that ”One who loves his wife, How can he refuse such free pots.. Uncle didn’t have money to buy roses, so he stole the pots, Today I came to know that to pacify the wife one has to steal flower pots too.”

Along is a BJP MLA and also the minister for Higher Education & Tribal Affairs minister in Nagaland and is known for his viral tweets at this point.

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Nagaland Minister g20 flower pot

What Happened?

The incident in itself occured on the National Highway 48 near Delhi-Gurgaon border that would be one of the areas welcomig the G20 meeting delegates and so flower pots had been placed as a way to decorate the area.

This is in regards to the first anti-corruption working group meeting that Gurgaon is hosting as part of the G20 Summit meetings.

One of the videos that went viral showed two men picking up the flower pots and putting them into the boot of a Kia Carnival car that had a VIP number plate and then running away.

However, it seems that the Haryana Police were able to track down the accused soon enough with one of the men being a 50-year-old Gurugram resident called Manmohan while the identity of the second one is still not known. A case at the DLF phase 3 police station under IPC section 379 has reportedly been registered for this theft.

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