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Today, OTT platforms occupy a huge part of the Indian cinema culture. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and many more are a few OTT platforms that have taken over the generation completely.

However, this does not outstrip the everlasting charm of Bollywood. People still like to visit the movie theaters with their popcorn buckets and watch SRK or Big B on the big screen.

Two of our bloggers, Ekparna and Pragya argue about what Indians prefer more: Bollywood or OTT platforms.

Blogger Ekparna’s Opinion: OTT platforms are way more successful and convenient in today’s time

“OTT content platforms are the future of cinema and television series” – Ekparna Podder

Indian actress, Divya Dutta told the press, “Audience is changing a lot, especially after the pandemic. As an actor, I wanted to do different roles. In Bollywood films, they didn’t know where to place me. Today, that role is the lead role and everyone wants to do that.” She added, “There has to be a coexistence between the two. Cinema watching today is not affordable for all.”

Monetary Reasons

The world has witnessed the gradual growth of OTT (over-the-top) platforms because of their umpteen benefits. They allow you to watch all your favorite shows and movies at a price that would otherwise cost you a single ticket for a particular movie in multiplexes and theaters. By paying for just the monthly subscription, people have access to films and series of various genres.

Today, with data and the internet being so cheap in India and available at the tip of one’s fingers, OTT platforms have become a rampant source of entertainment for the youth. Consumers are offered the facility of watching several shows on OTT platforms at a very reasonable price.

A few leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Jio also supply their customers with free subscriptions along with their high-speed internet package, provided terms and conditions are applied. Therefore, today’s people not only have an unlimited, speedy internet connection but are also given free subscriptions to OTT platforms.

Moreover, these OTT platforms also compensate for the movies that flop in movie theaters by providing extra money to the production houses through their broadcasting rights.

OTT Platforms Are More Comfortable

No doubt, it is an entirely different experience to watch movies in cinema halls and multiplexes, but now it can be recreated at home with home theaters, highly efficient sound systems, cooked or ordered food, and a good internet connection that provides high-quality video contents available on the OTT platforms.

The comfort of a home is unparalleled. We can watch shows and movies of our choice on our own time without facing the disturbances that occur in a movie theatre. There is no need to walk down or drive to the multiplexes and finish an entire movie in one sitting.

With the help of OTT platforms, the latest releases are handier and the Indians can watch them at their convenience.

Post-Pandemic Scenario

Our surroundings underwent a drastic change during and after the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. When everyone was at home during the lockdown, the OTT platforms were a major source of entertainment. They were the primary means of watching movies and series, as multiplexes and theaters were practically closed.

People seem to have gotten used to the OTT platforms, as they are very easily available and far more comfortable and convenient than watching movies in cinema halls.

Vivek Menon, Managing Partner of media and entertainment debt fund NV Capital, said, “Pre-pandemic, `100 crore-plus was a given for many actor-driven movies. But that has changed with the onslaught of OTTs.”

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Blogger Pragya’s Opinion: Bollywood is better, even in the realm of OTT platforms

“Bollywood has always been a part of the entertainment media, and it is here to stay.”- Pragya Damani

It’s An Emotion

Bollywood, I believe, is not just a source of entertainment but an emotion. When I was young, most of my weekend outings were to movie theaters with my mom. I loved to stand in line for the tickets and then for the popcorn. Honestly, nothing has changed. I still do that, and so do a lot more people. Going to the movie theater is an experience in itself.

It’s An Immersive Experience

Mainstream Bollywood movies include a huge cost of production, which often means that the sets are beautiful and vibrant. It is a visual treat. Seeing the scenes unfold on a huge screen with a surround sound system proves to be an escape from the dull reality.

Even though Bollywood seems to have taken a hit recently, it cannot be denied that there have been some incredible movies with great storylines and captivating performances. There is something for everyone in the world of Bollywood.

It Is A Source Of Comfort

A few Bollywood movies can be bizarre and senseless, yet it is fun to watch a movie that has no meaning and is interspersed with song and dance sequences. The songs, though weird at times, are more often than not catchy and make their way to the party playlists.

Last but not least, we all have our watchlist of comforting Shah Rukh Khan movies for when we are down and having a quiet and dull day. Where would we be if not for Bollywood?

People are connected to Bollywood so much so that they try to emulate their fashion sense, their way of living, and their grand celebrations. It has become quite commonplace to open Instagram and see people living their Bollywood dreams through their weddings. Sangeets and other minor celebrations look like replicas of a Karan Johar set.

From themed decorations and dress codes to quirky Bollywood songs, no Indian celebration is complete without some influence.

While I am of the opinion that the OTT platforms are the future of Indian cinema, my partner Pragya believes that Bollywood still retains its charisma. Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section below.

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