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People consider the term ‘extramarital affair’ to be analogous with physical cheating and often give people a pass if they fell for someone else but didn’t act on it.

Yet, others are of the view that emotional cheating is more harmful.

So, what’s worse: emotional infidelity or a sexual affair? Our bloggers fight it out.

Ishita’s Views: Choosing the thrill of a sexual affair is more hurtful

It just happened. It didn’t mean anything

What a load of bullsh*t! Choosing to go to bed with someone else shows that you disregarded your partner’s feelings. When you’re in a relationship and cheat on your partner by having a sexual affair, then you’re breaking the unspoken agreement you have with your partner and betraying their trust.


Sex is something very personal. A person is very vulnerable during the act. This intimate moment is destroyed if one finds out that their partner has no qualms being vulnerable and intimate with someone else.

The trust that we put in our partner when we reveal our core self to them is completely lost the moment the cheating partner initiates the same thing with someone else. And you can’t help but picture the two of them together, which only cuts the wound deeper.

Something Different And Exciting

Many people cheat because they want something different. Some people find cheating thrilling and exciting.

Instead of talking with one’s partner about what they’re feeling, people cheat and lie to ‘spice up’ their life.

At any point, he or she could have stopped if they were even the least bit considerate about their partner’s feelings, but they went along with the affair anyway. It wasn’t an involuntary act, but their thirst and lust overrode their guilt.

People love imitating what they see on the silver screen so it doesn’t help that Bollywood movies often portray cheating as a way to get over life’s boredom.

For example, the cringe-worthy Masti movies, Pati Patni our Woh, etc. What’s worse is that their Sati-Savitri wives forgive them in the end and the films make light of a serious issue.

Health Risks

Emotional cheating will give you pain but at least it won’t pose any threats to your sexual health. Sexual infidelity comes with the added risk of STDs.

It’s like betrayal ke saath STDs muft.

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Ayush’s Views: Emotionally cheating on someone hurts everyone involved

“The Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care” ― Emily Dickinson

And quite like that, when someone cheats on his/her spouse, it shows how they completely disregarded their partner’s feelings before they thought of getting involved with someone else. While being selfish, they didn’t care about others.

Emotions are intangible, hence lacks proof

If your partner is emotionally cheating on you, you are bound to realize it and you won’t need a ‘proof’. It’s because of your partner’s emotional absence in the relationship, you can understand that he/she is not invested in the relationship anymore.

But sadly, emotions being something intangible, you don’t have a proof or the grounds for your claim, and so you can’t confront them either. With all such awareness of what’s going around you, you will have your hands tied.

Ends up being a One-sided relationship

When you are in a relationship with someone who is emotionally cheating on you, you start to realize you are not the first choice anymore. You are not the first person to get to know things, not the first preference for anything at all and you are never the first person he/she falls back on.

What’s worse is that, since your partner is emotionally absent from the relationship, you have no one to fall back on, even though you have a partner in your life. You end up being alone.

Doesn’t have an outcome

When you are stuck in a relationship, where you find solace in someone’s emotional presence, someone who is not your partner, it is always emotionally tiring after a certain point.

Even though it is someone else who makes you smile, you can’t really walk out of your relationship that easily. And, even when you seek those happy moments from your special someone, you be in a fear of being caught.

Also, without the knowledge of where your relationship is heading towards you might turn back even when the time comes, quite like the way Saajan Fernandes had to walk away from Illa in The Lunchbox, even though she was waiting for him.

Emotional attachment is the core of any relationship. So if you are lying about the very thing a relationship is based on, what’s the purpose of being in one anyway?

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