January 11: Being the fastest growing search engine in India means nothing if you could not serve all sorts of customers. The two primary channels to expand businesses are B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). Both these terms are self-explanatory. Finndit has already garnered over 2.5 lakhs of business listings on its platform. It stands at the perfect junction between catering to large business entities, as well as retail customers. As a matter of fact, all the stakeholders have something to gain from a professional search engine like Finndit.

Finndit Platform for B2B Sector

Modern businesses need online visibility so that more and more potential customers can find them on the internet. This will expose your unique and worthy products and services to new people, and your business will experience more traction. Converting this traffic into sales would lead to a profitable and rapid expansion of your business venture. Finndit being a business itself, serves other businesses and companies to establish synergy and provide an opportunity for massive growth to them. 

Finndit boasts the distinction of being an end-to-end digital marketing solution provider. It aids modern businesses in the virtual space through tools like digital marketing, PR, advertisements, photoshoots, video shoots, digital flyers, brochures, mini websites, etc. All these tools have the potential to enhance your business’s online visibility and credibility. The companies that have been using Finndit for a while now mention the increased sales and traffic on their websites. This has translated into huge business sales and profits. The growth of such businesses is exponential. 

Finndit Platform for B2C Sector

Selling products directly to the end consumers is the largest market space in a country. India, traditionally, is a highly consumer-driven market. The large population and rapidly growing middle-class with increased purchasing power mean that the opportunity to serve these upcoming customers is simply tremendous. If you launch any new product or service in this day and age, it becomes crucial to have it advertised online. That is where most people spend their time. It could be due to business, work or leisure. 

Now, if a retail customer is looking for any new product, he/she would inquire about it online. This is where Finndit comes to the rescue. Finndit will give out search results depending on your query and location. You could, then, visit the mini website of each product or service provider to search for the best deal. You have the option of browsing through multiple companies’ websites to make up your mind. Hence, you get the benefit of exploring all the options before investing your hard-earned money in a particular item. This is made possible due to so many business listings on the platform of Finndit. 

To infer, these examples simply bring out the full scope of a business search engine. It is a great and modern tool that could empower small and medium scale business ventures by offering all the digital techniques to enhance their web presence at affordable prices and have a shot at rapid growth. On the other hand, the retail market of the consumers also gets to experience the power of alternatives that they can explore before making an informed decision. 


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