The vibrant city of New Town, Kolkata, known for its smart urban planning, has witnessed a remarkable transformation within its diverse population. Individuals from varied backgrounds, including former farmers, pest control experts, and security guards, have taken on the role of snake catchers. 

This transition has been prompted by a surge in snake sightings and snake bite incidents within the housing complexes of this bustling city.

In response to the growing snake-related concerns, housing complexes have implemented proactive measures to protect their residents, including the procurement of anti-venom vials, hiring of snake catchers, and organizing awareness sessions with herpetologists.

The Journey Of New Snake Catchers

Former farmers like Prasenjit Mondal (30) have found themselves in high demand as snake catchers. Prasenjit, who used to work as a farmer in Burdwan, shares his experience, stating, “My job is now to get hold of snakes roaming within the complex premises and keep them safe till forest officials take them away.” 

Similarly, Abhijit Mondal (32), previously a pest control expert, has taken proper training and transitioned into a snake catcher role, emphasizing the importance of capturing snakes without causing harm: “It’s risky but with the right technique and precaution, the reptiles can be captured without any injury to them.”

Rising Concerns And Proactive Measures In New Town’s Housing Complexes

The presence of venomous snakes like the Common Krait and Russell’s Viper is common in New Town, particularly during the summer and monsoon seasons. To address this issue, housing complexes such as Uniworld City, Balaka Abasan, Mallika Malancha Abasan, and others have taken proactive measures. 

snake catchers

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Sanjay Pandey, a security guard at DCL Mallika Malancha complex, expressed his commitment to snake rescue efforts: “I take pride in rescuing the snakes before others kill them out of fear.” Housing complexes have also implemented safety measures, including procuring anti-venom vials, conducting awareness sessions, and restricting outdoor activities for children.

Challenges And Rewards of Being a Snake Catcher

Snake catchers in New Town, Kolkata, play a pivotal role in addressing the escalating issue of snake encounters and bites, and their compensation and equipment reflect the seriousness of their responsibilities.

These dedicated individuals typically earn monthly salaries ranging from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000, which is a testament to the value society places on their crucial work. This compensation not only acknowledges the risks associated with their profession but also ensures that their efforts are adequately rewarded.

Moreover, the snake catchers are equipped with essential gear to perform their duties effectively and safely.

This includes sturdy boots that provide protection against snake bites, gloves to handle the reptiles safely, specialized snake-catching rods that allow them to capture snakes from a safe distance, and secure bins to house the captured snakes until they can be handed over to foresters or wildlife authorities.

These tools not only enhance the safety of the snake catchers themselves but also enable them to carry out their responsibilities without causing harm to the snakes, underscoring the humane approach taken in addressing this critical issue.

Recent tragic incidents of snakebites underscore the critical importance of addressing the escalating issue of snake encounters and bites in New Town, highlighting the vital role these individuals play in ensuring the safety of the community.

The transformation of individuals from diverse backgrounds into snake catchers in New Town, Kolkata, stands as a testament to their dedication to preserving the safety of their communities. Their journey from fields and pest control to this challenging role exemplifies their commitment to capturing snakes without causing harm.

By capturing and safely relocating snakes, these individuals not only protect human lives but also safeguard the well-being of the reptiles themselves. This humane approach to snake management strikes a balance between the needs of the community and the preservation of local biodiversity. 

As New Town continues to grapple with snake-related concerns, the proactive measures taken by housing complexes, along with the efforts of these dedicated snake catchers, remain essential in safeguarding the residents from potential snake encounters and bites.

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