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Fantasy Premier League 2016/17: Top 6 Players To Pick For Your Team


Fantasy Premier league is the rage nowadays with more players vying to score big than ever. Amidst all the massive choices, it gets quite hard to put together a solid team with the meager 100m budget you are provided.

But there are some players who are simply expected to produce the goods on a regular basis and, in turn, award you multiple points for their exploits. They are expensive, no doubt, but that’s what you pay for reliability.

We decided to pick out the 6 most credible option to spend all that virtual money on:

  1. Alvaro Negredo


Current price: £6.8 mil

At such a low cost, Negredo is definitely a steal. He’s already proven he can provide the goods in the premier league during his stint with Manchester City. And he’s started his latest season with Middlesbrough quite well. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for Aguero or Ibrahimovic, Negredo’s your man.

The only downside is that Middlesbrough is not as big a side as the top four or five are. They’ll probably end up losing their fair share of games giving Negredo a lesser chance of shining.

  1. Mesut Ozil


Current price: £9.5 mil

The ‘assist king’ is a pretty good option to bet on. And after the terrific season he had last season, his credibility is at an all time high. And with his price tag being lower than anybody else on this list barring Negredo, he could provide you with the best value for money.

The only reason he isn’t higher up on the list is his lack of goals. It’s easier to rely on a natural finisher for goals than to put faith on a playmaker due to the volatile nature of assists.

  1. Eden Hazard


Current price: £10.2 mil

Chelsea’s blue-eyed boy has a tendency to be prolific. A major driving force behind Chelsea’s 2014-15 premier league win, he also showered points on quite a few FPL players. And with the solid start he has had this year, he could replicate the form which drew comparisons to players like Messi and Ronaldo.

Having said that, his dismal performance last season is the reason why many still hesitate to pick him. If Chelsea are not able to keep up the consistency, his points are bound to suffer.

  1. Alexis Sanchez


Current price: £10.9 mil

Arsenal’s mercurial winger has the whole package. He can score great goals and turn provider when needed. That’s what justifies his hefty asking price. Even his injury laden last season could not stop him from racking up significant points.

Wenger has been experimenting by playing Sanchez as a lone forward. Whether or not this gamble pays off in the long term is something only time will tell.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Current price: £11.7

Manchester United’s new target man has hit the ground running with three goals in his first three games. While there was no doubting his ability to score goals, whether he would be able to adapt to the physically dominating nature of the premier league was a looming question. But he’s answered it in style.

He narrowly loses out the top spot due to that very lack of premier league experience. He may well turn out to be the best buy if he continues his exploits.

  1. Sergio Aguero


Current price: £13.1

One thing you can always count on Aguero to do is score. He’s been a consistent scorer in the premier league for quite a while now. Even injury does not stop him from boasting of a decent goal tally at the end of every season. The consistency is what coasts you a whopping 13 odd million.

But even with such a high price tag, more than 50% of the players have picked him in their teams. And with # goals in the first 3 games of the season, he looks set to set the premier league ablaze once again.

All we can do right now is predict. These players might end up underwhelming or may even perform above expectations. Just pick a team you think is best and enjoy a promising season!

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