Plant trees – plant trees. Plant 10 trees in place of every one that is chopped off. We’ve been hearing this rusting piece of advice for ages by now. But it is always easier said than done, isn’t it?

No. If you are really concerned about the environment, no effort seems huge to undertake.

Ethiopia recently has set a commendable example for the world by planting 350 million trees.

Yes, you read it right, 350 million!

Setting The Right Benchmarks

Earlier this week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed joined hands with the ecologically aware population of his nation and dirtied their hands with mud. On Monday, Ethiopia set a world record, that of planting the largest number of trees in a single day, that too in just 12 hours!

The outpouring of planting millions of trees in a single day was part of a larger initiative called the “green legacy”. The initiative is aimed at reforestation, creating public awareness and combating the alarming levels of climate change.

Ethiopia in the earlier 20th century had about 35% forest cover. However, that percentage reduced to a mere 4% by the beginning of the 21st century.

Civil servants, schools and government institutions were given an off and all were encouraged to plant trees, at least 40 trees per person. A number of international organizations and other groups like the United Nations, African Union etc. too pitched in to plant their set of saplings.

The country together planted about 2.6 billion trees so far as part of the program. But there’s no stopping. The larger aim is to plant 4 billion indigenous trees by the end of October 2019.

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Here Are Our Takeaways From Their Feat

A recent study by ‘Science’ stated that the easiest and most feasible way to tackle climate change is by planting millions and billions of trees worldwide.

So, every individual couple of tiny saplings for a greener future isn’t asking much. It is in each of our capacities to plant some saplings in our nearby neighbourhood, which would if not today, then tomorrow give us all a fresher and less sootier air to breathe in.

As on the part of the governments, the initiative does not ask them to spend crisp notes out of their overflowing pockets.

So no ghotalas, no disappearing crores and devouring janta’s money.

All they have to do is raise awareness about the alarming change in the global environment, and how planting one or two trees would act as a significant drop in the ocean of redeeming the planet!

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Sources: The New York Times, CNN, Al Jazeera

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